WhatsApp voice call now available to all users of Android


The newest update of WhatsApp began to be delivered and will allow all users to make voice calls using the application.

Whatsapp users will rejoice. The most anticipated function Whatsapp voice call is now available for all users of Android. Although it has not yet been made official by the software company, the popular messaging client WhatsApp has enriched the function that allows its users to make voice calls. Details after the break.
whatsapp voice call In recent weeks the phone calls via WhatsApp were possible only through certain procedures and in any case at least getting a call from people already enabled.
Now the latest version of Android includes the ability to call other WhatsApp users running the same version. With the new capability has come a new interface, slightly modified, which adds a new menu dedicated calls.

WhatsApp is certainly not the first client to support free calls through the Internet, but compared to other is the one with more widespread due to its over 700 million users and now the exchange of messages via this platform has far exceeded that of the traditional text messages.

WhatsApp for Android now has a visual component more airy and perfectly adapts to new functions. At the top, you can see three new tabs dedicated to  Calls, Chats and Contacts. In Calls menu you can view the entire registry of dialed, missed, or received calls, old instant messaging functionality in Chats menu, and includes a list of contacts in Contacts Menu. Calls can be easily initiated from the application, but the option to call using network services no longer exists.

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To install the new version of WhatsApp, you just need to turn on Google Play Store or download the .apk version on the official site. You must check “Unknown Sources” in the security settings to install the application. However, it is possible that the new version will not be available for all users simultaneously. Since we are talking about an application used by hundreds of millions of people worldwide, the update is done gradually in waves.
iOS users will not have very long to wait until they receive this update.
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