How to use iPhone as wifi hotspot for laptop


Learn how to use iPhone as WiFi Hotspot to provide Internet to another computer or mobile devices. A perfect lifeline for specific times.

If you do not have the Internet connection available for your computer, you can use your 3G mobile phone data to use the Internet from your PC or laptop. One way is to share the 3G connection on your iPhone via Wi-Fi, which created a sort of Wi-Fi router whose output abroad is a mobile data connection. Your PC or other devices will connect to the access point and use the phone’s network connection to access the Internet. It is very useful when you need to use Internet away from home or office and do not be near a public place that offers you an alternative.
use iPhone as wifi hotspot (2) Like the Android phone, the settings of your iPhone allow you to share your mobile data tariff with other devices such as computers or tablets. In this article, we’ll explain how to use iPhone as WiFi hotspot.

Steps to use iPhone as Wi-Fi router and share Internet.

To share the Internet with your PC / Mac or tablet using your iPhone and its 3G connection, you have to follow a relatively simple process.
1. The first thing to do is open your phone Settings.
2. Then go to the Cellular.
3. Tap on Cellular Data Network.
4. Scroll down to the Personal Hotspot area. Just enter your suitable Username and Password. Now go back to Settings.
5. In the Settings, you can see a newly appeared ‘Personal Hotspot’ tab. Select it to switch mobile hotspot on and off.
6. Your Internet connection is ready to be shared. Make sure the Wi-Fi option on your Pc or other devices is enabled and search for wireless networks. Select the one that matches your phone’s name and then enter the password. You have nothing else to do, you can enjoy internet on your PC.
Remember to share your connection consume more data and once reached the monthly limit including your fee, the speed will drop although you can always buy a ticket data.
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As you see it is very simple, but keep in mind that it will consume more battery power and data rate of your phone, so we suggest you to make use of this option for very specific cases.
Have you ever used this method? How do you get internet on your vacation?