How to use iPhone as a Mouse


If you have an iPhone you don’t need to worry if your computer mouse is broken, your iPhone can really take the place of a good mouse. Here’s our step by step guide on how to use iPhone as a mouse and keyboard.

The iPhone is a device that can do just about anything, even it can be used as a computer mouse, if necessary.
use iPhone as a Mouse Yes, with the use of a good program, you can turn your iPhone into a mouse. Are you curious? Do you want to try it too? Read our article, which will guide you step by step in the process of making your iOS device as a good mouse and keyboard.

How to use your iPhone or iPad as a computer mouse?

The app you need is Remote Mouse. Remote Mouse is an application that allows you to control your computer (and your TV, if it’s a Smart TV), which also gives you the freedom to surf the web while sitting comfortably on the sofa. This application is free to download.
1. You have to download the application Remote Mouse on your smartphone and computer. Go to the App Store (Download link) and download the app on your iPhone. After you’ve installed the app in your iPhone, you have to do the same to your computer. Go to the website of Remote Mouse and download the relevant software and install it on your PC.
2. Connect your iPhone and PC to the same WiFi network.
3. Open the app on your iPhone and press Auto Connect, or if needed, enter the IP address of your computer. If all went well, you’re soon to control your computer with an iPhone.
4. Slide your finger on the iPhone screen, you will see that will move the cursor on the computer screen. With the controls available on Remote Mouse, you can double click, scrolling pages and programs, change the vertical and horizontal orientation of the virtual keyboard. You can also use the smartphone as a remote control for your presentations.
Our guide has ended, now you can make some fun with this fantastic App. If you want to know more about iPhone, we recommend you to enter in our section of iOS. Thank you for reading.