How to transfer files between android and pc via WiFi


If you want to transfer files between Android and PC using WiFi, then follow this tutorial that will explain how to share files from Android to PC (vice versa) via LAN easily.

It is very easy to transfer your files between Android and PC using a USB cable. But you can also transfer your photos, videos, music or other files between two devices using your Wi-Fi network. If you do not have cable, then this option is very useful for you. In this way, you can transfer files quickly and easily, as both devices are connected to the same local network.
How to transfer files between android and pc via WiFi There’re many ways to do this, but we have chosen to use WiFi File Transfer. WiFi File Transfer is the easiest method that you might find. This application is light, fast and has an easy to use interface. It allows you to connect your Android device and computer via WiFi network in your home and / or public place. You will not need to set up anything on your PC, simply run the application on your Android device and he tells you exactly what to enter in the URL bar of any web browser on your PC. Then you will be able to transfer files you want.
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The application is available in two versions. The free version does not allow you to transfer files that are larger than 5 MB. If you’d like to remove the restriction you have to pay US $ 1.06.
Now let’s see how to transfer files between your Android and PC using WiFi File Transfer application on WiFi.
Note: Both your computer and your device must be connected to the same WiFi network.
1. Download and install the free version of WiFi File Transfer (Download Link) on your device.
2. Launch the application on your Android device. You can find its icon on your home screen.
3. 4. Press the Start button. Once the application is started, it will provide the URL to access your mobile from a browser.
5. Now enter the given IP address and port number in your PCs browser and press Enter. Now you can import or export files (maximum 5 MB with this free version), view your photos or create shortcuts to the folders of your photos, videos and music files.
If you are using a public Wi-Fi network, you must secure the access to your files using a password. On your Android device, access Wi-Fi File Transfer and press Settings, select Access Password and set your password.
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