Best Free Music Player Apps for Windows Phone


For all of you who love the music we have dedicated this article that will give you the opportunity to know the best music players made for the Windows Phone platform.

When you buy a Windows Phone, it is also provided with headphones that can be used to make calls and also to listen to music using the phone like an MP3 player.
The smartphones work a bit ‘like computers and you just need to load the mp3 files in the Music folder of the SD card to listen to them from the phone.
A basic application (Xbox Music) is given by the system to hear the music from the phone, but you can have a lot more if you use one of the following applications to hear music on Windows Phone.
best music player for windows phone It is no mystery that the application of Xbox Music is not going as smoothly as it should, even after many updates. Perhaps that is why many want to find alternatives to play local music more quickly and conveniently.
In Windows Phone Store, there are some apps available for managing and playing music so we try to select only the best music player apps for windows phone, completely free and without limitations.


ModernMusic is an excellent music player for Windows Phone. This free app gives a quick and flawless performance under a nice interface. The player allows among other things, create playlist and import them from a .wpl file, set the current playback as Live Tile on the main screen, has an integrated music search engine, you can add songs to the play queue, you can use gestures to change the song, and so on. And as a nice addition includes native support for

Extreme Music

Extreme Music is a powerful and advanced music player app for Windows Phone that will make you forget the limitations and restrictions of Xbox Music or MixRadio forever. The application offers a series of advanced options that make playing and access to MP3 files in the phone memory more practical and much more user friendly.

NiQi Music Player

NiQi is a great player to play music on windows phone. This application has all the options that can meet the needs of a music listener. Simple and fast way to create playlists, songs and lyrics search, creating a lively song box features such as one-touch start all at your disposal. It also has the ability to play songs in the background. It is very easy to use, application interface is simple.

Music Pro

Music Pro is another good player for Windows Phone 8.1 with a very simple, intuitive and clean interface. This application has some advanced features that you’ll not find in the default player, such as search for songs, albums and artists. Another positive feature of the program is the music library management that is better than one made by Nokia. Among other advanced features also signal the automatic download of the lyrics from the internet. The trail version is enough to enjoy, if you don’t want to spend money.
What do you think? What is your favorite audio player? Disappointed or pleased with the list? We welcome your comments!

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