Tips and tricks for Google Maps you need to try


Google Maps has become one of the most popular ways to get to know a place and determine how long it will take to go there, but the application has other tricks up its sleeve. Today, we will reveal together some tips and tricks for Google Maps, specifically some features that you may not know.

Everyone will at least once in life need to trust the app Google Maps to find an address or to view the shortest route to reach your destination. But the truth is that almost no one knows that Google Maps also has numerous other features, maybe some of them are hidden, really useful to use. Want to know? Stay with us.
tips and tricks for google mapsToday, we will discover together some helpful tips and tricks for Google Maps, by following which, you can make full use of all its capabilities. Let us begin:

Google Maps: seven tricks that every user needs to know

Save Home And Workplace

One of the first things you should do when you start using Google Maps, save your home and work addresses. Thus, you can ask Google Maps to navigate to Home or Work instead of having to enter the address.
To make these settings follow the following route from Google Maps:
Settings> Your places> Edit home or work

Use Google Maps Offline

If you will not have access to a data signal – or is roaming in a country where access costs more than the trip itself – you can plan your route in advance and save your maps for use without internet connection. After searching a particular place, you want to visit, tap the search box and, at the bottom, select “Make this area of the map is available offline” or type “ok maps” in the search box.

Use the Traffic

One of the secrets of the Google Maps regards the “traffic”. With this option, you can know the real-time traffic conditions in your area, very useful before leaving home or office. By using this function, you can easily avoid traffic jams and particularly busy areas. How to use it? Very simple. Just go to the button options (represented by the symbol with three horizontal bars) and, later on, the “traffic”. Here, you will see that your maps will appear in the colored lines of green, orange and red. The green lines represent areas with traffic flowing, the orange ones are located in areas to slow traffic, and the red ones indicate the presence of queues. This function relates to provincial roads and highways.

Use the Reliefs

This tip for Google Maps is useful for those who are used to moving in the mountains or on flat territories. To access it, tap on the button options as before and on the “relief”. Very useful if you want to control the altitude of a place or if you just want to explore the shape of a path or a territory.

Shake to send feedback

This is undoubtedly a secret that very few users of the Google Maps know. You can send it directly from the app feedback regarding your experience in the use of the application and any missing or incorrect information on the map. And there’s more: by activating the appropriate option in the menu settings, you can submit feedback by simply shaking your device. Easy and intuitive idea which quickly send feedback to improve your browsing experience and that of other users.

Use the Satellite View

This is a very useful feature in some circumstances. With this option, you can verify the presence and the width of the parking in an area, or visualize the presence of parks and green areas in a territory, for example. Simply go as usual in the options menu and turn on the satellite mode.

Store your tracks

Google Maps is able to store routes. Store your regular routes, so you do not need to waste your valuable time by putting them back to each use. You can do this easily by going to the section “your place” in the menu options.

Google Maps: easy to use, but with an edge

Like all Google applications, Maps is famous for its simplicity and hides the most advanced features to avoid overloading the interface. Most of the Google Maps tips and tricks that we explained to you only require a little ‘curiosity. Continues to explore this fantastic application and you may even discover something we do not know.
Feel free to comment if you have questions on any of the sections. If you know more about the Google Maps that would be interesting, please let us know. Thank you for your great support.