Increase battery life: the best free apps for Android


Have you ever wished that your Android device battery last longer? Here is a selection of the best applications dedicated for that. Best FREE Android battery saver apps.

The battery is one of the biggest problems in mobile devices. Many smartphone come with quad-core processors or even octa-core processors and large amounts of RAM, but the batteries are still using the same old technology. The batteries have chemical limitations and require the necessary time to be recharged to 100%.
battery saver apps for android The only thing that manufacturers can do at the moment is to increase the size of the batteries. This is why we have compiled a list of the best applications for Android dedicated to save battery power. although they will not double the battery charge, will help you at least get it last longer.

Best Android apps to extend battery life.

JuiceDefender – battery saver

Juice Defender is a powerful energy saving app that can increase the battery life of your Android device. It is a versatile and easy to use app. This energy saver does everything, automatically by turning off all the features that can reduce the energy consumption of the battery. You can automatically manage data connectivity and WiFi, as well as the speed of the CPU, monitor the energy consumption, set periodic synchronization events, personalize the use of connectivity for specific applications and much more.

Battery Doctor(Battery Saver)

Your smartphone is no longer responsive as when you bought it? Then you need to install Battery Doctor a professional energy manager that can extend the life of your device’s battery. The application offers advanced options for CPU management, to close unnecessary applications in the background, and many other features that can control and regulate energy consumption. With Battery Doctor you can better manage the power source of your smartphone.

Battery Dr saver+a task killer

Another good Android application that optimizes the energy consumption of the battery of your mobile device. This application shows you the health of your unit, temperature, time of call, etc. and helps you to kill tasks quickly and reset your phone easily. Battery Doctor offers an effective solution to improve the life of 30 to 50%.

Easy Battery Saver

It is an indispensable application, specifically designed to extend the battery life and optimize its habitual use. It can intelligently manages the data connection, the duration and the screen brightness. Moreover, provides a night program with which you can save battery power when you sleep. It is easy to use, as it provides four selectable saving modes and an advanced mode, customizable to suit you. Selecting one, your problems will vanish.

DU Battery Saver

This is an intelligent app that can help you save the battery power using automatic configuration. You can get up to 50% more durability for your phones and tablets battery. It is the easiest way to keep your phone working at the appropriate time and avoid partial refills. Download and install this energy saver app on your device, you will not frustrate.


This app helps you to follow the current battery percentage on your Android device, and even serve as a battery saver. Although this does not help much to save battery, the app compensates providing detailed information on the use. One of the best battery saver apps for Android.

Cleaning And Optimization Android- the best apps.

Some tips to increase the battery life of your Android device.

The applications dedicated to energy savings are concluded. However, you can improve battery performance of your device without having to install application. Here we provide some tips in choosing the settings of your device. Check them below.
– Deactivate WiFi and data connection when you do not use.
– Disable Bluetooth when you do not need it.
– Disable the GPS when not been used applications that use them.
– Reduce the brightness of your device’s display.
– Do not use animated backgrounds.
– Delete unnecessary widgets on your home screen.
Hopefully, these Android power saver apps will do the work for you. Do you know any other ways or free apps, good or better? Let us know in the comment. Thank you very much.