How to manage two Facebook accounts on Android


Learn how you can manage two Facebook accounts simultaneously on Android.

Surely many have wondered about the possibility of handling two Facebook profiles or accounts from your Android, but it is a feature that the social network itself does not allow. However, if you can handle two different profiles of this popular social network simultaneously without having to leave again.
manage two facebook accounts on android So a user who normally runs two Facebook accounts would also convenient to receive notifications of both accounts, which the Facebook app does not allow us to do. The Facebook app does not allow you to manage two accounts at once and then either to receive notifications of both your account.
Thus, a solution to this inconvenient little problem may be the application Facebook Lite!

Using two different Facebook accounts on the same Android.

You’re already reading this article, so we assume that you probably have 2 Facebook accounts and want to manage both of them at once directly from your Android. To manage multiple Facebook accounts, you don’t need to do nothing special. Just download the official Facebook app and the app Facebook Lite, also from Facebook team. Then simply carry out the login with an account from the Facebook app and another account from the app Facebook Lite.
Now you can handle notifications of both accounts separately and then be able to receive notifications at the same time so as not experienced continual switch from one account to another.
The interface of Facebook Lite is certainly not within the reach of the app Facebook, stylistically poor but for what he has to do and why it was developed does its job very well.
Also new or better almost a throwback to the old days, this application allows you to use the well-known social chat without going through the app Messenger. In practice, as it was before, the Messaging app is already integrated in Facebook Lite, and then you can chat directly from the messaging section.
Actually, Facebook Lite is created to be used on less accurate device where the Facebook app obviously turned slowly or to reduce consumption, but can still be used to manage another account.

Or, if you want to download the APK, follow the link below.

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