How to use android phone as mouse and keyboard


We explain step by step how to use Android phone as mouse, keyboard, joystick and more, in a simple, fast and free way.

Android devices can do almost anything, such as replacing your mouse and keyboard to use your computer without cables. So if you ever wondered how you’d use your Android phone as mouse, keyboard or controller for games, just keep reading. This is, perhaps, one of the most interesting topics.
Mouse and keyboard are basic elements of any modern computer. They take many years with us helping us to interact with the PC. But in recent times there have been innovations such as touch screens, more flexible than the mouse and keyboard of life and serves both writing and to run custom actions instantly.
How to use android phone as mouse and keyboard game controller In Google Play Store there are a few useful applications available that can be used to access the computer and turn your Android phone or tablet into a keyboard or mouse, digital and wireless. These applications offer the advantage of adapting to the task that you make in every moment through your mouse and kayboard. Monect PC Remote is one of them. With this app you can use android phone as mouse, keyboard or game controller for playing games. In addition, it also boasts a number of other options that cater to a variety of scenarios.
Monect consists of two parts. Both are of great importance. One is the software for your PC, which will serve as receiver of information to send the second part, which is the software that you’ll have to install in your Android.
When you download the desktop client, you may see a warning that the file is potentially harmful, but this is simply a case of over zealousness in detecting a tool that is used for remote access.

How to use android phone as mouse and keyboard using Monect?

The first step is to download the Android app and its desktop version. Once you have the two packages, the next step is to install them. For Windows, it will ask you to add an exception to Windows Firewall. Assuming that both devices are connected to the same wireless network, you can begin.
Now open both of the applications. Once you done, your phone or tablet can search for the host to connect to it. When you connected the two devices, they will show up to twelve ways in which you can interact with your PC.
One of the most useful is the Touchpad mode, turning your phone into a classic touchpad, with the side bar to slide the scrolls. After this, you can also use your Android as a keypad, keypad function or just write. You can get you out of big trouble if your keyboard has suffered a mishap.
Another of the most interesting features is still to use it as a joystick. The fact is that your phone has accelerometer, so that it can be used as a steering wheel. After that, what remains is the touch screen, it will also help you control your favorite games.
Besides these, this free software also includes other modes such as navigating the file system and transfer of text.

In each case there are specific buttons for specific tasks located at the top of the screen. So you can do anything with this app instead of using a regular keyboard and mouse. Monect makes it easy.
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