How to use Android phone as wifi router for PC


If you do not have Internet on your computer, you can use the 3G / 4G network of your Android phone. We explain step by step how to use Android phone as wifi router for pc in a simple, fast and free way.

Like the iPhone, you can use your Android phone as wifi hotspot and share data with your PC or other mobile devices.
Sometimes you may need to connect your PC to internet, for any reason, but it can happen that you have no access to the Internet from your PC. Using your Android phone, you can access the web on your computer turning your phone into a Wi-Fi hotspot and connecting it to your computer. Here we explain how to use Android phone as wifi router, to share your Internet connection.
how to use android phone as wifi router for pc The name may vary depending on the smartphone, the picture you see is a Samsung Galaxy S3, and is called Tethering and portable hotspot. In other manufacturers can call Access Point Wi-Fi, portable Wi-Fi hotspot or Wi-Fi Hotspot. If you do not find the option in your terminal, leave a comment and we will help.

Steps to configure your Android phone as wifi router.

Not too different from one terminal to another, the base is the same, activate, choose password and network name and accepting connections. The names and options vary slightly with each company, as we said, but simple to configure. Let’s see how to use android phone as wifi router or wifi hotspot.
• Go to Settings and tap More networks.
• Here you will see the option Tethering and portable hotspot. Tap on it and then turn on the option Portable Wi-Fi hotspot.
• This feature allows you to share its own mobile data connection via USB cable or do it as a wireless Internet zone, doing in this case wireless modem. Enter this section to configure.
• Now enter the area where you see Configure WiFi zone.
• Here you can choose your desired name for the network, as well as the security type and password. This will be the password that must be entered others to connect to your Wi-Fi. WPA2 PSK security type is highly recommended in this case.
• You have wifi waiting for your computer to connect to it. In some terminals you must accept each connection of a new user.
How to connect from other devices:
1. Turn on Wi-Fi on the device you want to connect.
2. Find Android Hotspot in Wi-Fi network list.
3. Connect to Android Hotspot.
4. Enjoy the Internet using portable Wi-Fi hotspot.
You can now connect from your computer (or from any computer with wifi connectivity). Soon you will discover how this is one of the most valuable features of Android operating system. However, keep in mind that when your mobile phone has this feature enabled, battery consumption is large, and megabytes of data you have contracted with the operator will diminish quickly. When you finish using this shared Wi-Fi, must turn off function to conserve battery power.
Do you usually use your Android phone as a wifi hotspot?
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