How to use Android as a modem to connect your Laptop or PC


Learn how to use Android as a modem to connect your Laptop or PC from an Android. We teach you to practice tethering to connect your PC to the Internet using your mobile phone for it as a modem.

If you are landing into this page, which means the internet is the most necessary thing in your life. It’s not just you, in today’s world, it’s the most useful tool for working people and students. It requires some money to have the connection as we need to buy the modem or take connection from the internet retailer. But Modem is the most popular. We are here to save some of your money by purchasing a modem. You have spent money on your Android and it’s enough.
how to use Android as a modem for pc

How to use Android phone as a modem for PC.

Now you will be able to connect to the internet using your phone tether. You can make it work in such a few minutes. There are three ways by which your phone will act like a modem. Those are:
• Tether over USB
• Tether Over Wifi
• Tether Over Bluetooth
Now read though this content to know some of the ways described here. You should remember that, UBS connection is more secure.

Tether over USB
1. At first, Connect your USB to both Android and the PC or Laptop.
2. Now, open the “Setting” in the way you like.
3. Then press the option “More Setting” following the instruction your device supports.
4. Now check the “USB tethering” checkbox or circle.
5. Now one more extra effort, if your PC is on Windows XP, you have to download a file named “Tetherxp. inf”. You will get it from the android website.
6. Be sure that your phone internet is turned on.
7. Ok, your PC is now connected to the internet.
8. You can now disconnect by disconnecting the USB or phone connection.
Tether Over Wifi
1. At first, open the “Setting” option on your phone.
2. Go to “Wireless and network” option.
3. Then press “Tethering and portable hotspot”. You may have to go to “More setting” in case of many Android.
4. Now check the “Portable Wi-Fi hotspot” checkbox or circle.
5. You may need to verify to connect. You just follow the instructions.
6. When the net connection will be built, your Android will be notified.
7. Don’t forget to set up the name and security option. It will save your data to be used by others. You will get the option as “Portable Wi-Fi hotspot setting”.

Tether Over Bluetooth
1. Be sure that your phone internet is turned on. Turn on your device’s Bluetooth. Make your device visible to all.
2. Open the “Setting” in the way you like.
3. Go to “Wireless and network” option.
4. Then check the “Bluetooth tethering” box from the “Tethering and portable hotspot”.
5. Now come to your PC. Go to the Bluetooth folder and search the devices.
6. Then Go to your Android device from the box.
7. Then make a right click and follow “Connect Using> Access Point”.
8. Your PC will be connected within seconds.
When connecting any device to share internet from your mobile phone, keep in mind that you are consuming your mobile Internet data. We are used to navigate the PC with ADSL, consuming streaming videos and performing other actions that consume a lot of data. Therefore, before sharing the Internet connection of your mobile phone, make sure you have hired one flat rate mobile Internet, to avoid surprise bills.
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