How to hard reset LG G3 Android Smartphone


A complete guide to factory reset or hard reset LG G3.

The LG G3 is one of the current success of smartphones worldwide. Many owners of LG G3, may be in a situation where they want to do a factory reset or hard reset on the device. A soft reset is a good choice to solve the problems related to minor software. The Factory Reset option is a must if you will sell or give away your LG G3 to someone else.
How to hard reset LG G3 Remember that the hard reset will erase all data from your mobile. Therefore, it is essential to make a backup of all your data, because the hard reset will leave your terminal as if you end up with out of the box. Use a good Android backup application to create backups of your applications and other data so you can restore them later. We can advise Titanium Backup or Carbon Backup for example.
Although it is a fairly safe and simple process, we are not responsible for any damage to your LG G3, the whole process run under the owner’s responsibility and we recommend that if you have any doubt consult a professional.
There are several ways to Factory Reset or Hard Reset LG G3. Use the following methods:
How to Reset LG G3 via menu:
• Do a factory reset lg g3 is very simple. Just open the Setup menu.
• Go to General> Backup and Restore Factory> Factory reset.
• Accept all permissions and then wait for the device to reboot!
Format LG G3 using hardware keys:
• First turn off your LG g3.
• Press and hold the Volume Down button and the Power key at the same time.
• Once you see the LG logo only Release the power key, then quickly press and hold the power key again.
• Soon you will see the menu factory reset on the screen. Now release the keys.
• Use the volume down key to scroll to YES, then press the power key to select.
• Confirm that you want to perform the hard reset.
• Wait until the phone completes the reset task and restarted by itself!

Note that you can not undo this process and all data will be erased from your phone, so beware!
Did you find this helpful? Have you had to go through this process? Share your experience with other LG G3 Android smartphone users. Thanks for your support.
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