How to Download APK from Google Play in PC


Learn how to download APK from Google Play in PC directly and easily with APK Downloader.

Have you ever wanted to download an app for Android from Google Play Store and disappointed to see that the application is not available for your device or for some reason can not be downloaded? In that case, you need to download the APK files on a computer and transferred to your device or just download the apk directly.

Download Android APK from Google Play in PC.

While there are plenty of website lets you download apk files from their site, but that might be unsafe. The best option would be downloading directly from Google Play Store.
And is there any way to download APK from Google Play? Although it may seem incredible, there is a way to install applications from Google Play. A new service dedicated to Android users lets you do that: APK Downloader.
How to Download APK from Google Play in PC APK Downloader allows downloading APK files directly from Google Play to your PC. This is a web application (also has Chrome extension) that allows you to download Android apps from Google Play to the computer. Download APK format of applications then transfer them to the device can solve region restrictions or where the phones or tablets do not have wifi or 3G network to install them directly. To protect developers piracy, this service only allows you to download applications and games that are free in the Google Play store.
You have to copy the Google Play URL of the application you want. Now paste the URL and press the button “Generate Download Link”. At times, if the service is not under heavy load, your apk application will be ready for download.
APK Downloader is an extension that is not in the Chrome Web Store. However, it can be installed very easily. Download the CRX file to your hard drive and drag it to the Chrome Extensions page so that you can install. Once installed in the browser, a download button will appear each time you visit Google Play. To do this you also need your Google Account ID and Device ID or your Android device.
The service offered by APK Downloader is certainly curious. However, we think it’s something to be used with caution. In our opinion, if you have an account with Google, using the usual procedure to download apps and games through Google Play is the most sensible.
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