How to convert PDF files to Word (DOC) free offline


Looking for free and reliable software to covert PDF files to word doc free? With PDF Shaper you can covert PDF files to word, and also do many other things. Want to know more? Keep reading.

As you all know, you can find all kinds of interesting and useful resources on the Internet that will help you to perform almost all kinds of work. But sometimes unfortunately they covered all the garbage that abounds and promotion of payment applications. That’s why it is hard to find the right software you want. And that is where we always trying to help our readers. We always search the web and try to provide free and reliable software in different field of needs.
Today we will review a free and reliable tool that allows you to convert PDF files to Word doc free offline.
how to convert pdf files to word doc free One of the most wanted applications by users are for converting the format of the PDF files, specifically convert PDF to Word format.
There are several online applications available that allow you to convert PDF files to word. But it is more useful to have an application that allows making the task offline without having to connect to the network and for some the internet is expensive and not always available.
For this you can use the famous Nitro PDF Reader. It allows you to convert PDF to Word. But unfortunately it is a paid application. Don’t worry. We’ve found a wonderful free tool that lets you convert any PDF file to Word, but additionally can be used for many other tasks. His name is PDF Shaper.

How to convert PDF files to Word doc free offline using PDF Shaper.

PDF Shaper is a free application for PC that allows you to perform all kinds of tasks with PDF. This free software contains several tools that work independently. It is simple to use, fast and consumes few resources. Also you can process multiple files at once.
You can use it to do any of the following tasks:
– Convert PDF to word.
– Extract images.
– Convert a PDF to images.
– Convert images to a PDF.
– Convert a PDF to RFT format Word.
– Split a PDF (convert into different files)
– Mix or merge several PDF in one.
– Encrypt PDF (assign a password)
With this free program you can easily convert one or more PDF files to Word. It is only necessary to press the button to find the location of the PDF file to convert. The resulting file will be created in the same folder by default, but you can select another location. The file created maintains the same format as the original and includes existing images.
The application runs on all versions of Windows. You can download the application for free from its official website. There you will find the link to download the free software and other tools that perhaps you might find useful. Do you want to give it a test?
Website link:
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