How to recover deleted photos from Samsung Galaxy devices


You have accidentally deleted photos from your Samsung smartphone, and now do not know how to retrieve them, right? Do not panic. In this article, we will share an easy way to retrieve deleted files from Samsung Galaxy S6 / S6 Edge / S5 / S4 / S3 / S2 / S. Let’s see.

Now we have virtually all our life on our smartphones: from the business to personal mailbox, music files, most important photos, data and more. We do virtually everything with our smartphone and this great little tool has drastically revolutionized our lives, definitely positive.
However, now all smartphones work with the touchscreen and it may happen that you accidentally erase files or important photos from your Samsung smartphone with just the touch of your fingers. Today, we will see a useful guide on how to recover deleted photos from Samsung.
how to recover deleted photos from Samsung Galaxy devices For one reason or another, we often hear that people complain of losing precious photos on their Samsung devices unexpectedly. But now it’s time to stop complaining because the following passages suggest an easy way to restore deleted photos in the internal memory of Samsung Android smartphones. Let’s discover the procedures.
Commonly, accidental deletion, formatting, factory reset, virus attack, software crash, and power failure cause loss of image. However, the lost photos do not disappear permanently. The internal memory is used to store pictures just marked as available to be re-written with new data. That’s why the lost photos are recoverable.

How to recover deleted photos from Samsung Galaxy devices?

Be careful. Do not expect this or any other software of this type to do miracles as all the solutions of this kind, are effective only if the portion of memory that first housed the data has not been overwritten, that is, if you have not yet used to store new files. Now let’s see the procedures below.
Make sure you have on hand:
• Samsung smartphones
• App DiskDigger
• Enough memory
• Internet connection
This method is not only useful for Samsung phones but to any other device that uses Android as the operating system.
Download and install the free version of the application DiskDigger (Play Store link). It allows you to recover photos in JPEG and PNG. Once you have installed the application DiskDigger, just run it by answering “No thanks” when you will be asked to buy the paid version. For our purposes, the basic version is just enough.
Now, you must choose the unit of the phone that will be scanned to retrieve photos that you accidently deleted: select the one that has the name in bold. Now you just have to check the size of the photo to be recovered and put the check mark on both the JPEG format and on that PNG for a general reset. Tap on the OK button to start the scanning process. Do not touch any buttons during this operation. It may take about ten minutes. When you will see small thumbnails of your photos, selectively mark those you want and tap on the icon of the floppy disk. Your beloved photos are back. The app can either put your photos back in the gallery or email them to you so you don’t go losing them again.
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