How to create a custom widget with Android?


We will share with you a guide on how to create a custom widget on Android easily and fast.

Many Android users love to customize their device, which is also the biggest strength of Google’s mobile OS, either by adding themes or widgets that you find in the Play Store. But what is better than to design yourself your own widgets to your liking?
how to create a custom widget in AndroidThe widget is a very useful tool for finding information, quickly and directly on the screen of your Android. Several types of app provide preset widget. But you can make your own custom widget. Let’s find out how. We will share with you a guide on how to create a custom widget Android in a few minutes, and we want to see your results!
There are dozens of free applications available on Google Play Store, offering you the opportunity to create your unique widget. In this article, we will use the app Zooper Widget. This app is very easy to use and above all very customizable. This application has two versions (free and paid), but the free one will be more than enough to practice and make your widget.

How to create your own custom widget

The first thing is to download the free app Zooper Widget (Download Link) from the Store. Before entering in the app you’ll have to add the appropriate widget to your home screen. For this, go to the section on Widgets and choose the size you want. In widgets section, you will notice that Zooper Widget will be available in different sizes (from 1×1 to 4×4). Choose whichever you prefer, and set it to one of your home pages.
Once you have chosen the size of the widget and placed it on the home screen of your device, you have to tap on it to enable the setup menu and to turn that black box in a nice and useful widget.
As you will see, once you have pressed will show you all the widgets that have this application, which are not a few. You can add the time, date, the level of battery charge, the timing, the location, the weather, networks, and even a written text.
Once you’ve chosen the content, its size, and color, now the real challenge is to customize each parameter of the widget.
When you chose to order the widget you like you will find a screen where you can see how it is becoming your widget and customize completely. You can change all the details of the widget to turn it into your liking. Although you can also leave it as it was.
Here are all the different options offered by Zooper:
• Battery Info
• Clock with different time zones
• Weather with up to 5-day forecasts
• Calendar
• Information system (alarms, space SD card)
• Information network (Wi-Fi, networks, etc.)
• Statistical data about the network traffic for different time periods
• Missed calls, SMS, Gmail, Email
• Sunrise and sunset
• Percentage of lighting
• Customizable icons PNG
• Bitmap
• Customizable progress bar
• Support lock screen Jelly Bean
Given the large amount of options and easy to use the app, with a little practice, you can create widgets original and beautiful to see. Do not need any knowledge in programming, you just get a feel for the application.
Then we leave you with the video offered by developers Zooper Widget so you can see the great potential of such an application. In addition, you can see more operation of the application.

As you can see, it is really possible to create widgets of all kinds and all forms.
Well, what are you waiting? Share with us your widget and your creations!