How to Hard reset HTC One M9


Your HTC One M9 needs to reset? Here, we show you how to successfully perform Hard Reset HTC One M9 in all simplicity.

The HTC One M9 is a fantastic phone, but like any Android device combining the application installs and uninstalls and daily use means that from time to time, it may misbehave. If your M9 (Or, any other HTC devices) stops responding or does not work as expected, you can perform a Hard Reset to restore your device to the state it was in when it leaves the factory. It’s also a good idea to factory reset HTC One if you sell it or give it to someone else.
how to hard reset htc one m9 android Note that to do such a task, all your personal data, applications and settings will be erased. So it is mandatory to synchronize your device and make a backup before doing a factory reset.
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There are two ways to reset HTC: you can do it from the settings, or you can do it using the hardware buttons. Here’s how to factory reset HTC One (M9).

How to factory reset Android from the settings menu:

Go to the menu “Settings”
Scroll to “Save and Reset”
Press “Restore Factory Defaults”
Confirm with “Reset phone”
And that’s it. Your phone restarts to its original state.

Formatting your HTC One M9 using hardware buttons:

If your device is not starting, you can not access the settings or you really like the buttons, you can factory reset HTC One as follows:
1. Turn off your mobile.
2. Simultaneously press the Volume Down + Power keys to enter bootloader mode.
3. Wait for the screen with three Android images appear. Release the buttons.
4. Using the volume down key to navigate, select wipe data/factory reset using the volume keys for navigation and the key Power for validation.
5. Choose Yes – erase all user data.
6. Wait, the time of the removal.
7. Finally, select Reboot System Now in the main menu to restart your mobile.
8. Now your mobile is back to its factory state. Now you can start using your M9 with ease.
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