how to find out who has blocked you on whatsapp?


We explain step by step on how to find out who has blocked you on Whatsapp. 5 tips to discover the fact.

WhatsApp is one of the most popular multi-platform instant messaging apps, used by smartphone users to have free access to sending messages to other users. In addition to the simple messages of text, you can also exchange photos, videos, audio files, share your location or create a group chat with multiple users. As with Facebook, Twitter, or other applications, you can block a contact on Whatsapp from which you do not want to be disturbed. Now the question is: how to know if you have locked in WhatsApp Messenger?
how to find out who has blocked you on whatsapp You no longer receive messages on WhatsApp several of your friends and apparently not reach them yours? It could mean that you blocked. Let’s see how to find out if you have been blocked by a Whatsapp user!

5 tips to find out if you have blocked in WhatsApp Messenger.

According to WhatsApp, the application is not authorized to notify when a person has locked to another, as this would breach the privacy policies. And, unfortunately, there is no 100% safe method that guarantees that another user has locked you, but this procedure has a high effectiveness, allowing almost no doubt. To confirm if someone has blocked you on Whatsapp, there are several tracks that can be very useful. See them below.
1. Online activity
Just below the name of the person with whom you have initiated a conversation, you can see his/her last online activity through date and time. If this is ancient, more than a week ago, for example, it’s natural that person has blocked you. it could be a reliable indication of blockage.
2. Photography unchanged
The same goes with the picture of that person. You can not see his/her new profile picture. It is also true that many people do not usually change their profile, but in the opposite case, it would be quite suspect. Although in this case would have to tread lightly because it could be a red herring.
3. How many tickets there next to your posts?
Another option you have is to write a message to see if it receives. Every time you send a message usually two pigeons appear next to the text. The first means that your message has been successfully sent to the server. The second confirms that the message has been successfully delivered to its destination and if displayed in blue, recipient already read your messages. If you do not see the second check, it may be because the user does not have Internet access, or no longer use WhatsApp, or because he/she has blocked you. If the first two options do not fit the user, it can only be the last.
4. Use another account?
Another of the most efficient ways is to use the application from another phone and add the person you suspect. Maybe not too unethical, but can be effective, especially to know for true if the person is connected or updated lately.
5. Invite him to a group
If you do not know if a user has blocked or not, there is another way to know. Just create a group and invite this user. Users who do not have locked you will be added to the group, but those who have blocked you will not be invited. To try, you will throw a message saying “Failed to add the participant”. And then he tells you that “You are not allowed to add to this contact”, what comes to be translated as that user has blocked you.

Have you ever wondered what you had? Do you know any alternative to find out if you have been blocked? If so we’d love to hear from you. We hope your answer in our comments.

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