How to download photos from Instagram on Android with InstaSave


Wondering how to save photos from Instagram on Android without having to make a screenshot? The application InstaSave lets you easily download photos and videos from this popular social network. Learn how to use it to download the complete media files.

In the field of photography, the social network par excellence is certainly Instagram. It allows its users to share, watch and comment on pictures and videos taken in every corner of the world. In this regard, it might be very useful to know how to download pictures from Instagram on your smartphone.
download photos from Instagram on Android InstaSave Let’s start from the fact that all users of Instagram have always complained of the absence of the ability to save and zoom. By default, Instagram does not offer such functionality, but it is clear that some third-party software can give a little help in this matter. InstaSave is among the best in the Play Store. Once installed and authorized access to your Instagram account, you are ready to download the photos and videos you want.

Download photos from Instagram on Android with InstaSave.

STEP 1: download InstaSave from the Play Store.
STEP 2: After installation, open the program and enter the login credentials of your Instagram account.
Step 3: Simply go off (not exit) the InstaSave application and launch the Instagram application.
STEP 4: Now select all the photos and videos that you intend to download and save them on your smartphone or on your tablet directly from the homepage or the page of one of your contacts.
STEP 5: Now it’s time to save the media files you want. At this point, tap on the option symbol and it will open a pop-up providing several actions that you can take. Now tap on copy share URL.
Step 6: Go back to the InstaSave app and you will see the picture or video you’d like to download, automatically displayed on the app.
Step 7: Tap on the download symbol, the photos and videos will be saved in the “Gallery” of your device.
Conclusion: Now you know how to download pictures and videos from Instagram on your mobile. With the aid of InstaSave, you Just need a very few tap to save the photographs of Instagram that most caught your attention.
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