Cleaning And Optimization Android- here are the best apps


Your smartphone or tablet is slow? Here are the best applications for cleaning and optimizing Android. Simple to use and rich in options to refurbish your smartphone!

Android, with its app installed, tends to retain a significant amount of information and various extras, filling the cache often with junk file. Over time the OS tends to get heavy and slow down a little bit … But luckily on the Play Store, there are a lot of applications that can help you return your smartphone clean and fast. Details after the break.
best apps to optimize android After extensive research we decided to make a list of the best applications available for Android to delete unnecessary files, clean the cache, troubleshoot and optimize everything. Some propose the simple cleaning the cache, while others offer more tuning options … up to you to choose the one that is right for you dear.


Booster for Android

Booster for Android is a comprehensive and well made app that can improve the performance of Android. It is a system that frees memory with one command on the screen, plus an excellent manager of time and battery usage. Among other functions, there are a file manager and an easier way to uninstall applications.

Clean Master (Speed Booster)

With Clean Master you can easily clean your Android. This application lets you remove unwanted files through four essential maintenance functions: cleaning the cache and history, removing residual files, management of temporary APK and process management. It offers an uninstaller that also works on applications that are pre-installed by the manufacturers. Very fast and easy to use.


CCleaner is really simple to use. It can improve the performance of your Android, leaving it faster and efficient. Ccleaner is for those who want a simple and clear application. Clean the cache, delete the call log or your sms’s all done very quickly with this application.

Advanced Task Killer

With Advanced Task Killer, you can manage all applications running on your Android phone. Normally, you are not aware of all these secondary applications running, and using this application you can kill literally all these applications, greatly increasing the performance of our Android.

Android Assistant

Android Assistant will make your phone faster and more responsive. It will allow you to thoroughly clean your smartphone to make it more intuitive. It has more than 15 features that promise to improve performance, speed and convenience for your smartphone.

We hope that the use of these apps can restore life to your Android smartphone and tablet devices. There is still a considerable amount of applications that help you better manage your Android, but these are the best. If you know other similar applications, write in the comments dear friends. We will then review and insert them in the article with pleasure! Thank you for supporting us.

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