How to Cancel a Sent Mail with Gmail


Google’s email service users can now cancel a sent email in Gmail. Here is how to do to delete an email sent to gmail without its recipient sees.

Recently the Google Team has introduced a very interesting function for its email service users. Google has added an option that allows time to cancel a sent email. Maybe you have sent an email by mistake to the wrong recipient or with incorrect content, with the risk of committing an embarrassing gaffe. Moreover today the average number of emails sent daily is very high, you want to distraction, you want to hurry, it can happen to send an email with Gmail accidentally pressing on the button ‘send’ before it actually completed or ship it to the wrong address. This is a very embarrassing situation for everyone, right? In these cases, the option of cancel the sending of the email is very helpful and help you to avoid embarrassment, grief, or, in some cases, “pain”.
cancel sent email gmail We discover, then, how to cancel an email sent with Gmail. The way to do it is pretty simple as the email service has introduced a feature that allows you to specifically retrieve the email before it reaches to the recipient. In this case, the email is ‘fished out’ from the server on which the e-mail message remains before being delivered to the email address of the user who will receive it. The functionality has been integrated recently after a period of experimentation and you can locate it by checking the box Gmail. Here there is, in fact, a new entry in the list of information, which enables the cancellation sending an email Gmail.

How to enable “undo send” on Gmail?

The procedure is as follows: Gmail -> Settings -> General -> Enable Undo Send.
At this point you can also intervene by customizing the option, that is, by setting the time (between 5 and 30 seconds) in which you can cancel the sending of the email. To enable the new feature that allows you to cancel an email sent by Gmail simply press the ‘Save Changes’ at the bottom of the page.
From that point on, each time you send a new email will appear on the top of the page a notice that reads: “The message has been sent – Cancel – View Post”, displayed for the time specified in the settings. To ‘lock’ the sending simply pressing “Cancel”: you can now change or delete the email. Obviously you must act within the time limit; otherwise the email will reach the recipient and will not be able to avoid gaffes or bad impression.

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