Windows Phone: How to block unwanted calls and SMS


Smartphones of Lumia series and other brands, running Windows Phone 8 or Windows 10 Mobile, include a simple but powerful filter to block unwanted calls and text messages. Let’s see how to configure it and block calls on Lumia, Nokia or Microsoft, devices.

Sooner or later, using the phone, it happens that you may receive unsolicited commercial calls from employees of marketing agencies that annoy you calling every day just to sell something. Not limited to just call; They can also annoy by sending text messages. All this means often refuse to answer certain calls or messages. If at some point you can not really ignore most of the pests or unwanted people, your Nokia / Microsoft Lumia with Windows Phone can do it for you, in a completely automatic and unobtrusive. Let’s see the procedures below:
how to block unwanted calls and sms on windows phone windows 10 mobile

How to block unwanted call and SMS on Windows Phone 8 smartphones?

Smartphones of Nokia / Microsoft equipped with Windows Phone operating system in version 8 and later include a comfortable and useful software to blacklist unwanted calls and messages that do not wish to receive. This useful tool is called filter calls and SMS, a name that is already quite explanatory. With this short guide, you will understand how to configure it to finally forget the pesky phone.
The software is very simple to use but very effective.
1. Move on the list of applications from the home screen of your Windows Phone, scroll down to the app settings and tap on it. You will see a list of all the items of the app settings.
2. Find and tap the option Call + SMS filter. Now you will be asked to accept the terms of use and Nokia’s Privacy Policy. Accept it to turn on call and SMS filter.
3. You will see the main menu of the app, for the moment you should not do anything, but to return to the main screen of Windows Phone.
4. From the main screen of Windows Phone, choose the app phone, indicated by the handset. If you do not have it on the screen, just go to the list of applications and run it from there.
5. When you open the app, you will find the list of contacts with whom you will interact lately. Choose the contact from whom you do not wish to be disturbed and hold up until you see a dialog box pop-up.
6. In this dialog box, you’ll see that you can make some choices. Choose the option Block number.
7. You will see a confirmation message that asks to confirm that you want to add the number to the list of blocked numbers. Tap on OK to confirm and go back to the list of applications to Windows Phone.

How to block unwanted calls on Windows 10 mobile?

Blocking calls and SMS on Windows 10 Mobile is somewhat different from Windows Phone 8, 8.1 because Microsoft has closed down the app Call + SMS. This feature is now built-in in Windows 10 Mobile. Now, let’s see how to block Calls and Messages on Windows 10 Mobile.
• To block a call, Open Phone> Tap and hold a number until a pop-up window appear. Now choose the option Block. That’s it! Now, when you get calls from that particular number, it gets rejected automatically.
• To block a message, Open Messaging> Tap and hold a message and choose the option Block. Now, you will get rid of the messages you don’t want to see/read.
• Apart from blocking calls and messages separately, you can block a contact, so that you can neither get calls nor messages from that particular contact. To do this, open Block and Filter using any of the method given above. Tap on the Hamburger Menu> Select Block List> Tap the ‘+’> Enter the number you want to block.
By following the above steps, you can block text messages and calls on the Nokia/Microsoft Lumia Windows Phone and stop spammers, marketing and unwanted calls. Windows 10 Mobile also lets you use third-party apps like TrueCaller to block calls. Let us know if it works for you.