Best zombie games for Windows Phone (top free)


Are you a fan of zombies? Here’s a selection of the best zombie games for Windows Phone and Windows 10 mobile devices that should not miss on your smartphone.

Zombie games for Windows Phone are on the rise. As we know that almost everyone like to play games of zombies on their smartphone, and seen the success of this category, we already made a list of the best zombie games for Android in another article. Now, we have decided to make a selection for Windows Phone and Windows 10 mobile users. We looked at the Windows Phone Store and we tried to let you know today the best zombie games for Windows Phone.
Best zombie games for Windows Phone Get ready, the undead invade your Windows Phone.

Top 10 zombie games that should not miss on your Windows Phone

Dead Trigger 2

Dead Trigger 2 is an FPS survival horror game in which the player, leading a team of survivors, will embark in the battle for survival in countless of war scenarios in Africa, Europe, Asia and America, and will need to find somewhere safe to hide. You will have to fight on over 600 different scenarios, facing combat missions, hostage rescue and retrieval of information on behalf of the Resistance, an organization that coordinates the attacks of all surviving zombie epidemic that has decimated the Earth. The game stands out clearly for a high dose of violence, as tens of post-apocalyptic weapons and really dangerous level bosses. Be sure that you have all the necessary equipment because your equipment is very important. With them, you can defend your life more accurately and destroy the undead with much bloodshed.

Zombie Tsunami

Zombie Tsunami is a fun platform game where you control a horde of zombies that will increase as more people devour. You have to destroy buildings, cars, tanks and jumping cliffs. As a bonus, you can turn your zombies into ninjas, mutants, and even a Chinese dragon parade. The proposal by the Zombie Tsunami is super fun and special effects combined with the sounds are amazing in every aspect. It also has colorful and impressive graphics that will delight you at all stages you go past. It is an excellent and fun game for leisure time.

CoM Zombies

Call of Mini: Zombies is a fun and challenging game for Windows Phone. A small town is overrun by zombies, and your only mission is to survive unless you want to have your brain and the rest of the body – devoured.
With nice graphics, Call of Mini Zombies offers species-survival scenario mode where you go one map to another to clean the waves of zombies. It also has a multiplayer mode to enjoy the game with other real players around the world.

Zombie HQ

Zombie HQ is an action game in the third person. In this game, you will have to exterminate all the hordes of zombies that have invaded the city, and simultaneously try to rescue all the survivors who have been on it to take them to a safe place. As you meet the missions and earn money, you can purchase new weapons and upgrades to make your job easier. Other warriors are also available, but you’ll need a little patience to unlock them.
The graphics and all possibilities are enough to make you a fan of zombie action. One of the best games of 2015.

Zombie Village

Zombie Village is a game whose success lies in its simplicity. This game is based on an arcade mode, where you will play the role of a guy whose goal is to destroy all the zombies that will put in his path while moving through a village with his baseball bat and a gun. In this way you have to destroy all the zombies, making money and getting more resources.

Dredd vs Zombies

Mega-City One is being invaded and you are called to be a superhero to avoid the zombie apocalypse. Dredd vs Zombies is an addictive, fun and multi-platform zombie game that you can download and enjoy for free on your Windows mobile devices.
There are three gameplay possibilities, with many weapons and upgrades for you to develop the character. Its mission is to eliminate all the zombies and collect the badges on the screen to earn more credits.

Samurai Vs Zombies

Samurai Vs Zombies defense is another fun and challenging zombie game for you. Play as the heroic samurai who must protect the village against the zombie invasion. The gameplay of this game, which is different from other game of this type, draws the most attention. Here, the player is faced not with a map, but with a platform where he can go and attack the invaders with the character. Also, you can recruit new helpers and buy new items to make the game easy.

Zombie Smasher

Zombie Smasher is a game in which you must defend your territory, crushing with your fingers every zombie that appears on your smartphone screen. In the game, a wave of undead will arrive slowly and try to overcome the “cordon”. Thus, whenever one of them appears, tap the monster as fast as possible to save time and leave the screen clean for what is to come. The game features 60 levels and Survival mode and time mode.

Zombie DOOM

Zombie DOOM is modeled after the classic video games DOOM and Wolfenstein 3D, just with a zombie theme. The pixelated graphics, animations and the 3D mazes that you have to navigate through are all reminiscent of the classic duo of games.
The story line has a group of aliens invading earth, capturing humans and turning them into zombies. Your mission is to search the maze of hallways and rooms to destroy the zombies and aliens while rescuing the human captives.

Plants vs Zombies

Although Plants vs Zombies is not a free game for Windows Phone users but this list will remain incomplete without this great game. Isn’t it? Plant vs Zombies is a tower defense game where you need to defend your house and stop the influx of hungry zombies. The gameplay is very simple; you grow plants in your garden and you must avail yourself of them to withstand the attacks of the zombies who want your brain.

These are our selection of the top free zombie games for Windows Phone. We have chosen 10 games that we think are the most representative of this genre. We hope that this selection of games has been satisfactory. Anyway if you want more you just have to put the word zombies in the search of WP Market and you can see everyone else. Do not forget to leave your opinion in the comments section. Thank you.