Best Weather Apps For Windows Phone FREE


Weather forecasts have always been a gripe of humanity. Thanks to these 5 best weather apps for Windows Phone, will no longer be a problem to know the weather tomorrow.

A good (and beautiful) weather application on your Windows Phone is always handy, right? But what is the best weather app for Windows Phone? We posed this question and decided to make a good search / selection of the best weather app to always have at hand the weather directly from your smartphones.
Best weather apps for windows phone Windows Phone is a great way to stay in touch with what is happening in the world and the things that affect everyday life. Weather forecast is one of the things that everyone wants to know before leaving their home. Let’s see some of the best free Windows Phone weather apps below. Ready?

Weather – the best applications for Windows Phone.

AccuWeather – Weather for Life

AccuWeather is one of the best Windows Phone apps in this field, with all the latest news and information on current and future time. It allows you to know all about the current conditions, hourly forecasts for the next 72 hours and extended forecast for the next 15 days. The application has also some animations that change according to the weather situation. Easy and intuitive.


Vieather is a clean and simple app, suitable for those who prefer to have less information, displayed as clearly as possible and without too many minor details. The tool provides a basic service in terms of weather forecasts. You can configure multiple cities to see them all the time. This is great for when you go to travel and go through several towns. It receives regular updates and improvements, is completely free and has no advertisements.


breez is a clean designed weather app, which provides detailed information related to the weather. However unlike what happens with similar applications, in this case a large part of its operation based on gestures and without the use of buttons. Something that immediately catches the eye is using interactive animations to present climatological data. The app is very easy to use.

Microsoft Weather

Microsoft Weather is the official application for the weather on Windows Phone, graphically the most beautiful and the most complete from all points of view. This application provides a wealth of information, forecasts up to 10 days, Hourly Forecast climatic and historical averages. This application is easy to check the weather conditions of the vacation spots, the snow or at the beach, to see a complete report with detailed news, webcam, and 360-degree panoramas.


Weather is simple app, suitable for those who want something basic, that does not consume too much data on the internet and the phone battery. There are only the current weather, temperature and forecasts for five days.

What are you waiting for? Download one of these weather forecast apps on your Windows Phone, and the connection to the GPS data, and turn your smartphone in a sort of weather station.
What do you think? You have other apps to recommend? Let us know in the comments. Have a good day.

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