Best weather apps for Android – meet the climate in your area


To know the weather condition with great accuracy whether it will rain or not here are the best weather apps for Android.

The weather data is something basic that everyone needs to have on hand and your Android device is an ideal medium to view real-time weather, complete and localized.
best weather apps for android The Android App Store is full of apps dedicated to the weather, so it is hard to find the right one that gives you the more accurate result. That is why we have selected for you the best weather app for Android to try on your smartphone or tablet. Let’s see the best Android apps to predict the weather.

The top 6 excellent climate applications for Android.

Yahoo Weather

Graphically the most beautiful and accurate weather app. The app gives you accurate weather forecast hour by hour of your local area. On one screen, you can group the actual temperature, barometer, visibility, humidity and dew point. The app provides interactive backgrounds according to the city where you are, spectacular blur effect and has a large database where you can get any information on the weather. It also provides a map that shows images from the satellite, information on wind and pressure and also on sunrise and sunset, not to miss anything.


One of the most accurate, in fact, is one of the most used services by manufacturers (especially LG). Constantly updated in real-time, full of information, with a weather alert service impeccable and precise. The special feature of this application is the ability to receive exclusive forecasts related to lifestyle, including possible risks to health or the conduct of outdoor activities related to current weather conditions. It is also compatible with Android Wear.


This is a complete app with minimalist and artistic, which is not easy to achieve in an application that displays a lot of climate information. 1Weather, through its widgets, provides everything you need regarding the weather. It also offers real-time alerts. It is able to detect the location automatically and expands the data upon demand. It has extended forecast for 10 days and comes with enough potable animated backgrounds to see the conditions of your area.

The Weather Channel

The Weather Channel is one of the most reliable applications for predicting the weather. It offers the best maps of radar and weather news, forecasts for your location, which can be displayed per hour for the next 36 hours and 10 days. The weather of the beaches and major tourist destinations is available. You also have access to news related to the weather.


This application has unbelievable accuracy in predicting storms, squalls and sultry days in advance with respect to competitors. It is specifically designed to be as simple and intuitive as possible. With just one tap, you receive the atmosphere condition in your status bar at your current location. It presents a small animation according to the climate of your current location, and can use widgets to check the weather in different locations.

Bright Weather

Bright Weather is a good app that can do its job properly. The graphic style is very minimal and simple, allows you to see all kinds of meteorological data in your area or the area you choose. A nice feature is added: you can take a picture with, watermark, your location and weather of the day. It also provides a simple but functional widget. Whatever, Bright Weather is always one of the best weather apps on Android.


We close the selection of top weather apps with a Widget. In Android Market, you’ll find a lot of excellent widgets for the weather. To make your life easier and give you something different, we recommend the app XWidget. It is not logically a meteorological service, but an interesting collection of different types of widgets. You can also customize them as you wish.

If you are interested in the Widget, here’s how to create your own:
How to create a custom widget with Android?
What do you think? Do you have other apps to recommend? Let us know in the comments. Thank you.
Note: These weather apps will work with all the latest Android devices like the Samsung Galaxy S6, S6 Edge, Galaxy Note 4, Nexus 6, LG G3, etc.