Best Mac Apps free- essential apps for your new Macbook


We prepare a list of the best Mac apps free that you should download on your new Macbook. These applications are essential, in our review, for your new Mac and all of them are free to download.

If you just bought a new Mac, you’ll surely want to fill with the basic package of essential apps. Look no further, here’s a list of the top 10 best apps to equip your new Mac.
best mac apps freeDo not forget, however, that in addition to the first positions that we report here, there are hundreds of apps on the Store which fulfill your many different needs and that can be found easily by navigating the categories. We do not linger over. Surely you want to start installing and testing apps. These are:

List of the useful programs for Mac you can download free.


Spotify is the best program to listen to music for free. It offers free access to millions of songs and albums of your favorite artists. The application has a modern graphics and allows you to create custom playlists with your favorite music, you can listen to on-demand streaming free.


If you use Instant Messenger, there’s no match for Adium. With this free program, you can access all messaging networks, including MSN, Yahoo, AIM, and even Facebook chat. It has plenty of customization options, such as the option to change the look, save or not save conversations, and much more.


You can use Dropbox to store and share your files in the cloud. Dropbox is a cloud storage tool. With it, you can send documents, photos and music to a secure server, synchronize content between different devices and access it from anywhere. The tool is also useful for those who want to save disk space.

Best free Mac apps for productivity.

The Unarchiver

If you need to unzip RAR files on mac, will not miss the Winzip or Winrar with The Unarchiver. This is the most famous decompressor for the Mac platform. You can open any type of archive and even open the password protected files. Not only: the app also allows us to read the image files (such as .iso). Very light and functional.


uTorrent is a complete and easy to use bittorrent client that allows you to download files from the network. This is not the only possible alternative in the vast market of the torrent client but keeps still holding the imperial scepter. It has everything you could wish for: it is lightweight, fast, easy to use and beautiful to behold.


Surely, you all know about this famous multimedia player software. VLC is capable of playing video files without installing additional codecs packs plus other extras. There are other alternatives, but we’ve never had problems with him or any file. The app also allows streaming vision indicating the URL for the content to display.


Skype, the famous social network for video calls, calls and instant messages, can not miss on your new Mac. Skype is a truly cross-platform app. You can find it in almost any device and thus have more chances to communicate with anyone.


If you want to get closer to the world of photo editing or already know the basics in order to operate, but you’re not going to buy the expensive Photoshop, GIMP is the ideal choice for you. Already known for several years in the field of graphic design and photography, this free program will allow you to create images, edit photos, and perform a variety of tasks in the field of photography.

Top free photo editing apps for Mac.

Obviously, as we have said before, there are lots of useful apps to be discovered and look as needed. These are the best and the most prominent on the Mac App Store but are just a taste, taste the perfect start. Do you like this list of the best Mac apps free? If you have any suggestions, please write the name of the software and a little review of the app. Your recommendations will make this article complete and help other new users to find the top free Mac apps to install on their devices.