The Best iPhone Apps 2015 so far (Top Free Apps)


We present a list of the best App for iPhone free, indispensable for anyone with a device running iOS. Many of these are also available in iPad. The idea is to enrich this list of the top iPhone apps with your suggestions and with your favorite App.

With the huge number of applications on the market, it is difficult to keep abreast of the best iPhone apps that arise. The fate of this platform is that there are a lot of free applications that can take full advantage of your devices. Applications that indicated will be free, which is not to say that there are more extended paid versions or have to pay a service for use. But overall they are free to use and most likely supported by ads, or even free of them too.
best iphone apps 2015 free With this article, we present a list of the top free iPhone apps to keep busy with your device. There is no way to start 2015 with a selection of good iOS apps, available for free on App Store. This article will be updated frequently.

Best iPhone Apps in alphabetical order:

AroundMe | Download

This app will help you to explore the world around you. With this, you can find bars, restaurants, cinemas, ATMs, etc. Leverages Google Maps for directions / pedestrian.

CloudMagic Email | Download

CloudMagic is one of the most important applications of email management for your Apple devices. It allows you to add your email accounts of major services, and manage up to five different accounts.

Dropbox | Download

Famous cloud storage service that allows you to store your files or photos, share them with your friends and have them provisions wherever you are and with virtually any computer or device in the world.

Evernote | Download

Evernote is the modern workspace that helps you be your most productive self. Save notes on all devices, share photos, screenshots, use tools to collaborate with others.

Facebook | Download

Official app of the largest social network that allows you to stay active in social world from your iOS device. The App is continuously updated with the addition of functionality.

Feedly | Download

Recommended to those who want to keep up to date and follow several sites / networks. Presents the articles in magazine format, also improving the readability. You can save articles to read later, add YouTube channels and much more.

Find My iPhone | Download

This application will help you to find your iOS device. It integrates with iOS and provides remote management of the device. The location of your iPhone is also available from the web. Essential to regain a lost or stolen iPhone.

Google Plus | Download

Another app dedicated to Google’s social network, which already has gained immeasurable popularity. You can manage your Google Plus account directly from the app.

Google Maps | Download

Navigate the world with maps from Google Maps, arguably the best service in the world. Enjoy the varied and useful services Google Maps in iOS. It also supports saving offline maps to avoid using data connection while on the move.

IFTTT | Download

Automate a large number of actions by connecting various services offered by this app. It allows you to perform actions automatically linked to your photos and your geographic location.

Instagram | Download

Social network dedicated to photographs and video. Famous for the amount of filters to be used to edit and publish your photos. Allows syncing contacts with Facebook and Twitter to find other friends who use it.

iMovie | Download

The best video editing program from Apple. It allows you to process video files directly from your iOS devices. Completely free for new users.

Numbers | Download

spreadsheet created by Apple itself. Exploits the features of iCloud to work at different times on multiple devices. Completely free for new users.

Pocket | Download

Save items you find while surfing the web and read them comfortably with this App. You can read full articles later even when you do not have internet connection.

Shazam | Download

App for excellence to recognize any song through the use of the microphone. Approach to iPhone music source to get in a few moments, the song title, the author, links to videos on YouTube and other information.

Snapseed | Download

Super fast photo editing tool with unlimited possibilities. You can adjust almost any part of your image and then layer that over even more adjustments. It is possible to add filters, adjust focus, and tons more.

Skype | Download

The most famous and used program dedicated to video call. Stay in touch with all your friends and to make voice or video calls via mobile data connection.

Steam | Download

App essential for gamer (at least those PC, Mac). Form groups, buy PC games and Mac and keep your contacts with this official client for Steam.

Swiftkey | Download

iOS users are now able to use the best Android keyboard app on their devices. Truly powerful tool that improve the typing experience on a mobile device. A basic application for your mobile.

TeamViewer | Download

TeamViewer enables remote management of your computer screen display. It is an excellent option as you can provide support to other users.

Telegram | Download

Instant messaging program that differs from WhatsApp for its extreme speed and functions dedicated to security. After a certain period of time, set by message sender, messages will destroy automatically and encrypt any kind of private conversation between two people. It works very well.

The Weather Channel | Download

The most comprehensive app that provides accurate weather forecasts time to time. It works according to your geographic location or find the forecasts for the area, the city. Presents beautiful backgrounds and absolutely easy to use.

TripAdvisor | Download

TripAdvisor App that brings in your hands. Essential for those who travel and want to know new places, and their facilities. Good to go abroad and also perfect for those who want to live their own cities.

Toca Lab | Download

Toca Lab is ideal for children to learn in a fun way some concepts of chemistry and the periodic table.

Twitter | Download

Application of the famous social network. Graphically stunning and packed with features. It integrates with iOS.

Viber | Download

Program that is perfect to make calls for free. It is an instant messaging client to send photos, videos.

VLC | Download

iOS version of the famous software for viewing Video formats. Reads almost all kinds of video formats available and allows the transfer of movies via computer in an easy manner.

WhatsApp | Download

The most used instant messaging program. A must-have for all smartphone users.

Yahoo Finance | Download

Absolutely essential for those who follow the world of finance and investment. Full of news and features to stay up to date.

YouTube | Download

Famous Google program for sharing your videos. It allows you to perform all the operations that you normally do with the desktop version.

1Password | Download

This application helps you create strong passwords for each application or service and stores so you do not have to remember them. All data is stored with 256-bit AES encryption. IOS users recognize that it is one of the best apps to keep data safe.
Hope you like the best iPhone apps 2015. We await your feedback to add more Apps to the list of the best App for iPhone and update the article!

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