Best Free PDF Scanner For Android – Scan Documents on the go


Are you looking for a good PDF scanner for your Android? Here are the best free Android PDF scanner apps available on the Play Store!

With a ecologist view, focused on reducing the consumption of paper, you can use your smartphone as a scanner. In Play Store you’ll find various applications that can acquire documents using your phone camera or the OCR technology, convert images into editable digital files and PDF.
pdf scanner apps for Android In today’s article we will see the 5 best Android Scanner applications for documents and photos.

Best free PDF scanner app for Android.

CamScanner -Phone PDF Creator

CamScanner is an intelligent document scanning and management tool for your business. Using the camera of your device, you can photograph the sheets and automatically save them in PDF format, as they had been scanned directly from a scanner. You can also backup and synchronize your documents. Easy to use. CamScanner is the perfect solution for those who want to scan documents, sync, share and manage different content on any device.

Genius Scan – PDF Scanner

Genius Scan is another handy scanner app that allows you to scan any document, receipt or photos very quickly. The application detects documents and automatically corrects perspective, and also has an advanced option for color management. It also gives you the ability to simply send multiple pages via e-mail in JPEG or PDF format. There is also an option of black and white, which does wonders for text documents.

Handy Scanner Free PDF Creator

Handy Scanner turns your Android into a multifunction scanner that is capable of scanning documents, whiteboards, business cards and more. Its features include batch scanning, a tool for managing documents with search capability, contrast and brightness adjustment and support PDF watermark.

Quick PDF Scanner FREE

Quick PDF Scanner is a complete scanner app that lets you scan and better organize documents and, especially, export them easily in PDF format. When shooting the paper you can also activate a grid to accurately frame the text and enable / disable the Flash.

PDF Document Scanner

PDF Document Scanner allows you to scan and convert your documents to PDF, a format widely used in business and official institutions. The application allows you to apply various effects of post processing to clean up the documents after they are scanned. The graphical interface is well structured and easy to use. PDF Document Scanner is a more professional scanner that you can find for Android.

These are the best PDF scanner currently available on the Play Store. As you can see all the applications are available for free. Surely among these 5 apps you will find one that is right for you dear readers. If you have any idea to enrich this list, please share with us. Thank you.

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