Best Free Music Player For iPhone (Top Apps)


Today we present a selection of the best free music player for iPhone, suitable for all those who enjoy listening to music on your iphone / ipod.

We continue our section on the best free music players for different operating systems currently available and if yesterday we talked about Android Music Player, now is the turn for iOS. Today we want to highlight the 5 best free music player for iPhone that will make the experience to play music from your device is totally different.
Music is definitely a supplement that could describe almost essential in the lives of most of us. And there is nothing more precious than to express what you feel, what you live and what you dream through melodies, harmonies and lyrics. Although all iOS devices incorporate a high quality player that meet the needs of most users, you may at some point and several reasons, find it necessary to have another feature rich music player for your device.

Play your music on these 5 free apps for iPhone.

If you are looking for the best free music player for iphone, these are the players that we propose to use. Let’s start.

Groove – Music Player

Best free music player for iPhone

Groove allows you to listen to your favorite music, besides offering a wide range of options regarding playlists. Groove is able to study and learn from your listening habits to create a variety of mixtures, becoming your personal DJ. In a few taps, you can create a playlist for every occasion, whether for work, to a party or to go traveling. So you do not have to ever worry over choosing music manually. You can also handle the player through smart gestures, suitable for different situations, for example, when you go in the car. You can also share you favorite songs on Twitter and Facebook.

Listen: Gesture Music Player

best iphone music player apps

If you are looking for a minimalist, simple but a complete music player, this is appropriate. With this application you can manage and control playback of music using your gestures. With simple gestures you can switch to the next or previous track, pause, share what you’re listening through social networks or raise and lower the volume. Compatible with AirPlay, this application allows you to hear your music on the speakers you want (that have AirPlay) as well as in your Apple TV.

Beat Music player

best music player for iPhone

Beat is a modern music player, mainly based on gestures. It has a clean and fully configurable interface to better suit the taste of each user. That is why Beat has quickly become one of the best free music player for iPhone among users. You can configure the main screen and add or remove items according to your tastes.

Musio Free

Musio is a music player with clean, minimalist interface and easy-to-use playlist management. It has the same general look and feel as Apple’s Music app but lets you queue and control your songs with gestures. Adding or removing songs from the queue or a playlist is done with a simple swipe to the side.

Google Play Music

Google Play Music for iPhone allows you to access the streaming music service from Google. So you can store your favorite music online, and then hear anywhere with this player; even in offline mode.
That’s all, and now it’s time to enjoy the music. What do you think about these proposals? What is your best free music app for iPhone? Write your opinion in the comments!
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