The best free games for iPhone 2015


We have compiled a list of the best iPhone games of 2015, which should not be missing in your catalog if you are passionate.

How do you make a decision when you are faced with so many options? The App Store offers a host of iPhone games, free and paid, of all kinds and for all tastes, but not all are worth downloading. For this we offer you the best games available in the App Store.
best free games for iphone 2015 The choice, in this case too, fell on free games available for your iPhone and iPad. Obviously if you can then buy a paid version but the basic version is enough to entertain you for hours.

Now we find together the best free games for iPhone.

Asphalt 8: Airborne | Download

The best car racing game for iOS devices. Comes with stunning graphics, allow you to drive a number of branded cars on tracks around the world. Competition and speed make it a must.

Candy Crush Soda Saga | Download

An enriched version of the famous Candy Crush Saga, you will live new experiences combining identical candies, very colorful and fun. Mode and other additions are extra but the game can also be used without spending anything.

Crazy Taxi City Rush | Download

A fast-paced racing game in which you are driving a taxi. Collect bonuses and reach your destination on time. This version of Crazy Taxi has many mini-games and secondary challenges.

Cube Runner | Download

Very simple to play, you can control it by moving it from side to side, avoid the cubes and walls. The game features a graphic not too articulated but you can create levels and download them, which guarantees its longevity.

DEAD TRIGGER 2 | Download

Dead Trigger 2 is ranked as one of the first person shooter. wears the clothes of the hero, and prepare to save the world from a horde of zombies! You have the chance to win incredible prizes by taking part in real tournaments, specially designed.

Dream League Soccer | Download

Dream League Soccer is like a very original football game in 3D. With artificial intelligence precise and intuitive controls, allows you to make spectacular action game. Moreover, this game also features a beautiful multiplayer mode to challenge locally via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth friends.

Flappy Golf | Download

It is a game of golf with minimalist graphics and addictive. Your goal is to help the ball to go into the hole with a simple tap. This game also has online and local multiplayer mode.

Frisbee Forever | Download

Frisbee Forever is a game of skill, in which you will have to controls a Frisbee at different locations in 3D. In total there are hundred levels.

Froggy Jump | Download

Doodle Jump clone. It is a vertical scrolling platformer game that has several bonuses, objects and themes to use while you hopped a frog in the level. No shortage of charts and integration with Game Center.

Gridrunner Free | Download

Retro style game, with graphics of the VIC-20. Recommended for nostalgic, is a vertical shooter where you use a spaceship and is also equipped with a mode with one and the same life.

Heroes of Order & Chaos | Download

Create your own team of fighters and confronting them with opponents from around the world. Varied and exciting, you can play in teams of 3 to 5 players that strategic partnerships needed to succeed. Curiosity: the game can be transmitted live on Twitch.

iCopter Classic | Download

Best incarnation of the famous game iCopter. Your goal is to fly the helicopter for as long as possible. Simple gameplay that requires just a touch.

Into the Dead | Download

Yet another endless runner but this time with an atmosphere and a graphic grim, it is a game of Zombie. The idea is to make your way, dodging the attacks of zombies and try to survive as long as possible. The first person view and the “fog” effect make it a must-try.

Jetpack Joyride | Download

Fly with a jetpack in this beautiful 2D endless runner. Collect items, new bonuses and records. You can also use vehicles and customization of the character. A combination of acceleration and responsiveness, making it a perfect game.

Plants vs. Zombies 2 | Download

Definitely one of the most famous of the many games on the App Store. Strategy that involves the use of a number of plants to repel an attack of zombies. Bonuses galore and addictive gamepplay make it one of the longest games ever.

Putt Golf | Download

A golf game with a simple clean graphics. Try to pocket the ball with a swipe or with the movement of the device. Has different game modes and can be really challenging.

Run Sackboy! Run! | Download

Spin-off of the famous born on Play station. Featuring colorful graphics and captivating, you run with “Sackboy” Stuffed trying to collect as many bonuses as possible and with a quite different gameplay. Although not comparable to the version for the Sony console, otherwise makes its figure from the point of view of design and graphics.

Ruzzle | Download

Popular multiplayer word game. Challenge your friends or strangers, and make the largest number of words in the shortest possible time.

Sausage!! Sausage!! Sausage!! | Download

Game that requires a single tap on the screen. Extremely simple, it comes to making sausages that are off the screen randomly with a sandwich. Requires perfect timing and it is addictive.

Sky Force 2014 | Download

Sky Force 2014 is one of the most famous space shooters, frantic and well made visually. During the various missions, the goal will be mostly the same, which is to complete the game area, knocking down as many enemies as possible and avoiding their bullets hit the ship. Needless to say, it is a classic, that the difficulty of the game is quite high.

Subway Surfers | Download

Subway Surfers is one of the best iPhone games in the genre of endless runner, colorful graphics, fun gameplay, and immediate and excellent controls.

Timberman | Download

Game by mechanical and very simple with a retro style. Use a woodcutter to achieve new records, while trying to avoid obstacles. Very easy to play, yet difficult to master.

Tiny Tower | Download

This is a time management game where you have to control various activities and make money. Normally this type of securities includes the purchase of packages (with real money) to go faster growth, this game is enjoyable even in its completely free.

Trainyard Express | Download

One of the best puzzle game on the App Store. The mechanics of the game are very simple: draw a path to bring the train to a color in a target of the same color. Initially it is easy, with the advance becomes full of crossings and complicated combinations.

Vainglory | Download

Incredible graphics and top for a mobile device. This is the kind MOBA: Multiplayer Online Battle Arena. Fight against real opponents from all over the world in teams of three people. Free-to-play, you can play as much as you want for free, choosing from among the combatants proposed. Tremendous fun.

Zen Pinball | Download

Lots of tables available in this 3D pinball. Realism and graphics make it a must for all fans of pinball, or for those who want to play a game once in a while.

If you know other games not available on this list, or you want to share your favorite games with other iPhone users, leave them in the comment section below. Have fun.

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