The best apps for Android Wear Smart Watch FREE


Have you bought a new Smartwatch but do not know what applications to use? Here we offer a list of the best apps for Android Wear.

Currently, there are many applications available for Android wearable devices, and a lot of them are considered by specialists as indispensable to install on a smart watch to make the most of it.
best apps for android wearHere we bring you the essential applications if you have an Android Wear SmartWatch, so if you have not yet downloaded, this may be a good time to do so.

The best Android Wear applications you can download free on your SmartWatch:


An application to compose and store your notes quickly and easily. Evernote is highlighted by its features you use, including voice commands to create or search your notes.

Wear Mini Launcher

This is undoubtedly one of the most interesting applications as solving the design problem of Android Wear when accessing applications. With this, you can have easy access to all the applications directly on the home screen. You can open an app from any part of your device. It is also possible to change the brightness level and the status of the WiFi connection.

Ringtone Remote

This is a very simple and effective application that will let you control the tone of your smartphone remotely. Do you want to set the silent mode on your smartphone? Just rotate the wrist, open the app and change the volume settings.

Wear Battery Stats

The battery life is a matter of debate. With Wear Battery Stats, you can monitor the battery of smartwatch, review the hours of battery life and be informed when it is about to be discharged.

Wear Network Notifier

Do you want to be updated on the connection to which your device is connected at all times? Wear Network will show you comfortably on the wrist. This application is especially useful if you usually leave active WIFI and want to be informed on the possible “hook” to the network.

Wear Calendar

With Wear Calendar, your wrist will become your secretary! It allows you to see the calendar in monthly format for free. Recommended for those who need to manage until the last minute of your time and have some SmartWatch.

Google Keep

The application allows you to view the notes created on your smartphone and realize vowels directly on smartwatch. The interface of Google Keep on Android Wear is simple and well cared for.The only flaw: you can not perform advanced searches.

Wear Audio Recorder

With this application, you can take voice notes directly from your SmartWatch leveraging the integrated microphone.

Wear Camera Remote

This application synchronizes the Smartwatch with the smartphone’s camera and allows you to take pictures through the clock. With this app, you’ll feel like James Bond on a secret mission when taking pictures from the clock!

Overkill 3

Duolinguo is one of the best apps to learn foreign languages in a fun and easy way. This popular app now reaches Android Wear allowing you to follow the lessons from your wrist.


This is a complete weather app for Android Wear. It allows you to know the state of the climate in real time, weather predictions based watch faces, radars, line charts, etc…


The running is one of those activities where the SmartWatch proves to be much more efficient and comfortable than the smartphone. Runtastic offers full compatibility with the application for Smartphone and shows a large number of real-time statistics on the same screen of our watch.

Wearable Widgets

With this application, you can download widgets from a smartphone to a smartwatch. You can load a single widget with the free version of the app.

Android Wear Faces Creator

With this application, you can customize the screen of your Android Wear. This application provides different types of Faces for your watch.


As a smartphone, IFTTT allows various “shortcuts” and lots of connections. Now it has integrated support for Android Wear and can trigger actions such as notifications by IFTTT.

Wear Aware – Phone Finder

This app is very useful to avoid possible theft or if you lose your device. When you stray too far from your smartphone, you will be notified with a vibration on SmartWatch. You can also trigger an alarm on the phone.

These are some of the most basic and important to your smart watches. Keep in mind that these applications will be continuously updated, in order to work best on Android Wear.
Have you already bought one smartwatch? What are your favorite apps for Android Wear?