The best app for iPhone to organize the perfect wedding


Do you need to plan a wedding? Your iPhone can help you! Here is a list of the best iPhone apps for wedding planning.

Marriage is one of the most important days in the life of any person, and of course for the respective partners. Today, we present applications that may help in the organization of the ceremony.
best wedding planning apps for iphone Now, as we all know, technology has arrived everywhere: from app to communicate those to play, the app to manage pregnancy to those for cooking, can we really say that there’s an app for everything: so how could they miss Best app for planning the wedding?
The pairs of bride and groom usually have so many things to keep in check, and that the fear that something might escape is always lurking. Here is a list of some wedding app that can help you better organize your best day, leaving no stone unturned.

Best wedding apps for iPhone free in 2015:

Appy Couple

The first thing to do is tell everyone the good news. Appy Couple will help you create a perfect website to announce the event, any updates or events to tell, happened during the organization of the wedding.

The Knot Wedding Planner

The Knot is a great wedding app for iPhone. It is designed precisely to help you organize your wedding. Among the many features, it is possible to refer to a section on which there are images of decorations, sweets, home accessories and much more to inspire you. In another section, you can list all the activities to be carried out, just as a reminder, so you do not forget anything!


WeddingHappy is very similar to Knot; it will help you organize your wedding perfectly. Unlike Knot, this app has a variety of tasks, graphics and many sections of which add tasks, described in the smallest detail. If you do not want to forget even the smallest detail, WeddingHappy is the right app for you.

Wedding Party

If you do not want to miss the shot even more insignificant then download Wedding Party. In fact, this app allows you to share an infinite number of wedding photos with all relatives or friends, even on Facebook.

The Best iOS apps of 2015 so far.

Wedding LookBook

Everyone knows that the most delicate and at times boring (maybe just for men) is the choice of the dress for the wedding. Wedding LookBook provides many pictures of clothes, jewelry and accessories for the wedding, perfect for those who need to be inspired.

Right Gift

This app helps you to avoid problems with gifts. It has a large database of barcodes to add an object to the list directly in the store. Creating a gift registry should not be stressful and RightGift makes it easy.


Pinterest is an app specifically for weddings but has one of the largest databases of creative projects around the world. A little as Wedding LookBook, this app will help all future spouses to choose the accessories for the table, from glasses to cutlery, from the decorations to the clothes.

These are the best wedding planning apps for iPhone you can find at the App Store, in our review. Do you know any other free iPhone app that can help you make your wedding perfect. Let us know in the comment. Have a nice day.