5 Best Android Apps to Backup and Restore Data


Avoid the worst and immediately make a copy of your data by trusting the best app for backup data of Android. The 5 best Android apps to backup and restore data.

Almost every person uses a smartphone to meet their mobility needs. And they use their smartphones not only for communicating or listening to music, but also to store important data. The main concern is, what you should do if you lose all your data stored on the phone, due to a system crash, a malware attack or lost the phone. Well, it is at this time that the ‘backup’ option comes in. Yes, backing up mobile data at regular intervals, and thus can avoid losing all data, so saving you an identity crisis.
best android apps to backup and restore data So we decided to write this post with the best applications to backup data on Android. All are free! Note that some of these applications require a rotated Android phone to run on your device. Check out:

The 5 best app for backing up data on Android smartphone and tablet.

Titanium Backup

If you got root permissions Titanium Backup is one of the most established and well-known apps dedicated to backup on Android. It allows you to save apps, settings, and other data directly into the memory of your device with a few simple tap. If you purchase the premium version, you can save your files in the cloud, schedule your backup and freeze all your data, including system app and protected ones.

Super Backup: SMS & Contacts

With this service, you can backup all SMS messages, contacts, applications, call logs, bookmarks and calendars on your SD card, Google Drive, and Gmail. You can easily restore the data when you need them. All backup will be stored in the internal memory on the phone. So, if you are formatting the phone, make sure you change the default backup folder to your external SD card. You can find the folder with the name ‘SmsContactsBackup’. The application requires an Android phone rotated to work.

Helium – App Sync and Backup

Helium is another free app to not only performs backups of your applications and data storage services in the cloud, it can also synchronize data from one device to another. By default, the Helium performs backups only the data your applications, so the file size is smaller, saving you time in the process. But beyond the regular applications and your data, you can also easily save and rescue SMS conversations, Wi-Fi connection settings, user dictionaries and more.

Ultimate Backup

Ultimate Backup is another good app to rescue your data. With this app, you will gain full control of your device. It allows you to restore and save apps and files in the cloud quickly and safely. You can select multiple apps at the same time, access to the various backup options and plan your backups according to your commitments. This app can be used on devices that do not have root permissions, but you need a rooted device to use all the features.

ASTRO File Manager with Cloud

If you are those who prefer something more “manual”, you must download the ASTRO File Manager. In addition to a common manager, ASTRO is also a good backup application. You can backup applications and store them on your SD card. To back up, open the app, go to Application Manager and select Create a backup. For restore a backup, make sure that the backup is in the folder originally created by ASTRO!
That’s all! Now you have all the means to rescue your data and avoid losing months and months of important interactions with your Android device. Which of these apps do you think is the best? We hope you enjoyed the article. Thank you for being stay with us.