Best android sms replacement apps to text better


The messaging application preinstalled on your Android does not satisfy you? Here are the best Android SMS replacement apps available on the Play Store! Best Android apps to send SMS.

So maybe the IM app preinstalled on your Android phone does not satisfy you and you want replace it with an app that is more complete, rich in features and changed aesthetically. No problem dear readers … You’re in the right blog.
best android sms replacement apps Luckily, you can replace the standard messaging app with other SMS replacement apps. This article will tell you the best applications currently available on the Play Store. Most of these free apps bring some additional functionality, as well as different design elements to the table to fulfill your texting (and multimedia messaging) needs.

SMS – the best applications to send messages with Android.

You can text better with these alternative SMS apps for Android. So let’s get started, shall we?

Textra SMS

This application is just amazing, especially since it upgrade to the new Lollipop Material Design, fluid, intuitive and beautiful to look at! It is the perfect and ideal alternative to messages and MMS application that came on your mobile. The app comes with a lot of great extra features. It is packed with over 800 emoji’s, themes, modes in the dark, floating style Lollipop notifications, deleting messages with a simple slide, camera support, multi-gallery selection, support MMS GROUP, fast response via popup, audio messages and SMS blocker / blacklist etc.


With GO SMS Pro you can discover a new way to send SMS to your contacts. GO SMS Pro enhances the capabilities of your Android to send messages more quickly and efficiently.
GO SMS Pro is one of the best free Android apps to replace the default SMS manager installed on your device.
With its friendly interface you can read messages as a conversation, sync your SMS, organize them into folders and more.

Handcent SMS

Handcent SMS is one of the most powerful applications of text messages, SMS. This application unleashes the full potential of your phone. It has the full support for SMS and MMS, high level of customization, multiple graphic styles and advanced features.

hello sms

Hello sms is also a very powerful application. It is the fastest way to send messages! Hello replaces your standard SMS app and creates seamless integration with the operating system of your phone, so send messages will be a very natural. You can easily group chat, send and receive photos and quickly switch from one chat to another with a simple touch.

chomp SMS

Chomp SMS is an application created by the same guys who did Textra. ChompSMS is a free application and has many extras. This application provides hundreds of emojis, themes and customization options. Also includes a blacklist SMS, SMS signatures, group messaging, notifications and more. This free app is one of the most popular applications of SMS replacement.


Hangouts is an app for communications that allows you to send and receive messages, photos and more, and even make video calls and free voice, in two or with a whole group!
Now it is up to you to try them all and choose the one that is really for you dear readers. If you know other applications, please so share them with a comment below.

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