Best Android productivity apps FREE


If you are a happy user of Android and want to something to help you in your daily life, you can try these best Android productivity apps for FREE.

We continue with our selection of top apps and games for Android in 2016 in different sections. Now it’s time to show you the best Android productivity apps, a very interesting area because almost everyone use these applications.
Best Android productivity apps FREEThe secret of productivity lies in the organization, make the most of your time and money. And for that, your Android smartphone can be your best ally. By installing some applications on your device, you can organize your life in general and make the most of the things you do. But, don’t know which applications are suitable for this purpose? We have made a compilation of the best applications to help you increase your productivity.

Trello – Organize Anything

Trello is a task manager optimized for collaborative work. This app lets you work in a team and organize all kinds of activities in collaboration. You can invite friends and they can make changes to your lists. It is a perfect tool for group work, keeping centralized the tasks and status changes. Trello also works on the web, synchronize your notes.


This application is used to remember everything. You can use it to take quick notes, create books to classify, take pictures, store voice memos, photos, web links … And all this in a really fast way. It has cloud sync and ability to make presentations with a click. It has cloud sync and ability to make presentations with a tap. Everything is there, and the interface is pleasant and easy to use.


Pushbullet is the perfect tool to combine work between your smartphone and computer. Install the application and create an account, then you must install the add-in Internet browser (Safari, Chrome or Firefox) on your computer and you can now share information. You can share files, links, and notifications between you mobile and PC.


OneNote is one of the best apps for taking notes. OneNote allows you to quickly write your shopping list. It is also ideal for taking notes of your classes or to keep track of brainstorming at work.

Sunrise Calendar

Sunrise Calendar helps you organize your schedules in a very practical and specific way. You can note the important dates, the tasks you must do and even the times when you should do these tasks. Thanks to its synchronization option with other services such as Google, iCloud, Exchange and Evernote, you can manage multiple calendars in a single app.

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Google Keep

Google Keep is the official app for task management. With this app, you can keep track of what crosses your mind using notes, lists, and photos. You can add reminders for important notes and receive notifications via Google Now. You can also get the automatic transcription of voice notes or take note of your ideas using widgets.

Google Drive

Google Drive allows you to access to all files (photos, videos, documents) in the cloud from your smartphone, tablet or computer. You can also invite other users to view or edit files. It’s free and you have 15 GB of storage space.


CamScanner is an application that turns your Android into a document scanner. It scans all text documents and stores them in PDF format, allowing transmission over Evernote, or obviously on the Cloud via email.

Best Free PDF Scanner For Android – Scan Documents on the go.


The Pocket is an application that helps you to retain the items you find on the web and then read it later. Its slogan is in fact “Read it later”.
These are the best Android productivity apps free, in our review. Although there are many other apps available in this category at Google Play but these are the most reliable and quality apps. Want to advise other productivity apps for Android? Let us know the name in the comment section below.