Best Android Parental Control App FREE


How to choose an application to secure your Android smartphone or tablet, and so unleash to your child? Here’s our selection of the best Android parental control app for parents!

Are you sure that you know what your kids are doing on their smartphone and tablet? Sometimes just simply trust them, but with technology you can be assured that the kids only see the appropriate content. Parental control apps are made for this purpose.
Best Android Parental Control App FREE 2016 Parental Control app for Android will create a safe environment for parents who want to restrict the type of access that their children can do on tablets or smartphones. So you can rest easy knowing that the little ones may only use the permitted functions. Here is our selection of the top 5 Android Parental Control applications you can try for free. They will not fail you.

Download these Free Parental Control Apps for Android to block children from visiting unsuitable or potentially harmful contents on smartphone and tablet devices.

Kids Place – Parental Control

Kid’s Place is one of the best Android Parental Control apps you can find at Google Play Store. With this app, you can limit access to certain applications or features of your smartphone or tablet. This application provides many helpful features, such as self-application restart when left by accident, or block the home button. In addition, you can create multiple customizable profiles. It only needs a secure Internet browsing that the application is complete. Download Kids Place Here.

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Kid’s Shell – safe launcher

Another best Android parental control app free. Kid’s Shell is a simple but yet very powerful parental control app. This app ensures access parental control of your child only for applications that you think are necessary and appropriate for their age. It works like Kid’s Place you open the app when your child wants to use the device, and it will be a custom interface. A pro version allows more options, such as creating folders or time limits. Download Kid’s Shell Here.

F-Secure Mobile Security

This is an antivirus app for Android, but it also offers a special Parental Control section. Its interface is rather well thought out and works with a password, preventing access to certain sites (configurable by the user) and applications. It has the advantage of being multifunctional, and can not be uninstalled without the password. Download F-Secure Mobile Security Here.


Best Android Parental Control App FREE With App Lock, you can block the access of applications that contain private/sensitive information or content not suitable for your children. It allows you to lock contacts, SMS, calls, Facebook, Gmail and any other app that you want to keep away from your kids. You can lock the device’s settings and Google Play access so you won’t have to worry about your children accessing new apps or changing your settings. Download AppLock Here.

Safe Browser

best parental control app for android tablet phone This application is for safe browsing and especially useful for parents because they don’t want kids to be subjected to inappropriate material found on the internet. And, unfortunately, the internet is full of them. Safe Browser allows you to block explicit sites and make sure your children are not watching something bad. Download Safe Browser Here.

These are the best Android parental control apps free, in our review. With these parental control Android apps, you can easily secure your Android smartphone and tablet devices. Do you advise other applications? Tell us of your experiences in the comments!