Top 6 best logic games for Android FREE


In this guide, we will see the best logic games for Android. Have fun with these Android logic games in times of boredom or waiting!

Do you like to play logic games? Thankfully, Android Store has a huge number of high quality and very entertaining free logic games. These titles are perfect for training the memory, the intelligence or perception, and to have a good time surpassing oneself or entering a healthy competition with friends and family. In this guide, we have made a selection of the best logic games for Android.
Best Android logic games

The best Android logic games to conquer the world.


Blendoku is one of the best Android logic games that will test your intelligence. The aim of the game is to place the pieces in order of nuance. There are different degrees of difficulty (simple, medium, hard and master) and each grade includes certain levels to beat. If you like Sudoku and you have any sense of graphic this might be among the best games of logic just for you! Download Blendoku Game Here.

Brain Yoga

As you can easily guess from the title, Brain Yoga is a brain training game in which you’ll find a range of activities created especially for you to squeeze your brains. The strength of this game is its degree of difficulty which is quite affordable. After each test, you have to choose the level of the following exercises. Another plus point is that Brain Yoga imposes no time limit and you can easily solve puzzles at your own pace. This is a perfect solution to stimulate your mind stress-free. The free version of Brain Yoga allows only one training session per day. Once completed, you can still play for free to other activities. Download Brain Yoga Brain Training Game Here.

100 Gates

It is one of the most successful games of puzzles in Android market. Your goal is to collect items and combine them to create new tools or perform an action that allows you to open a door. It’s really fun and engaging note because there are dozens of Google Play reviews of people asking for clues to solve different levels. If you get stuck on one, you can turn to YouTube for the solution. Download 100 Gates Game Here.


We guess this game will not be entirely unknown. The Plumber is a fun and challenging game. In plumber, you have to recreate the perfect way by connecting pipe parts, in order to direct the water to your destination. You’re the plumber and you have to repair the problem so that the water does not flood the room. Download Plumber Game Here.

Flow Free

A simple game that will arouse the unusual part of your mind. In this game, you will have to connect matching colors to form a pipe. Complete all colors and cover the entire board to solve various puzzles. But obviously this is not easy because you have to solve the puzzle without touching other colors or pipes break. Download Flow Free Game Here.

Angry Birds 2

Another very interesting game for fun is Angry Birds. In this game, your mission is to defend the eggs of the birds from the attacks of pigs. It has about 255 levels of varying difficulty and a game that requires logic and intellect. If you want to have fun and train your brain Angry Birds is an ideal choice for you. Download Angry Birds 2 Game Here.

These 6 Android logic games are perfect as a hobby and to strengthen your brain. Did we forget your favorite title or you’re thinking about an Android game perfect to train your mind? Share your findings in the comments!
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