Best Android applications for recording calls


Today we A list of the best call recorder for Android that can record phone calls on your Android in a simple and effective way. All of them are free to download from Play Store. Let’s check them.

There are many reasons that could prompt a user to record a call. In the case of Android, Google Play offers different solutions suitable to this purpose.
But not everything that glitters is gold; in fact some of the applications to record calls on the Play Store should be avoided as they are of poor quality.
To simplify your choice we made a list of the best applications that allow you to record the calls that you want in an easy and fast.
best call recorder for android Note: It may be illegal to record a call without the other person’s knowledge, so check the rules about before committing indiscretions.

Here is list of the 6 best programs to record calls on Android.

Call Recorder – ACR

Call Recorder ACR is one of the most popular applications in the Play Store to record incoming and outgoing calls on Android phones. You can record a phone manually or automatically. Recordings can be password protected, deleted automatically after a certain period. You can also save your recordings in Dropbox or Google Drive and you can choose different recording formats such as 3gp, MP3, AAC, WAV.

Call Recorder

Call Recorder is one of the best and easiest applications to record calls on your smartphone. After installing the application, it is activated immediately and automatically records the conversation when you make or receive a call. You can save audio files in MP3 format on the SD card.

Call Recorder

Call Recorder is an application that makes it easy to record phone calls on Android because its interface is extremely intuitive and easy to use. Call Recorder can automatically record all calls; just make a phone call and the application will record the conversation in the background. You can set a password to maintain the privacy of your private conversations. The application also allows you to automatically upload your recordings to Dropbox, so that if you happen to lose all the data on your smartphone you’ll still have a backup copy.

Automatic Call Recorder

It is one of the most simple and intuitive app to record phone call. It allows you to record phone calls in a few steps thanks to a clear and simple. Just being installed the app we are ready to record our first call, or we can choose to customize some settings.

RMC: Android Call Recorder

It is perhaps the most popular app for recording phone calls. It works smoothly on most smartphones, even on those older and economic. On them the quality of the recording may not be excellent. Very handy app for those who are looking for a simple and intuitive app.

By downloading one of these free Android call recorder apps, you can record your calls with a few simple taps. Use some other Google Play Store app to record your phone calls? Share it with us! Have a nice day.