Best android apps to share location with friends


Want to share your exact location with friends and family or keep an eye on them? The following Android apps will help you to share location with friends and family.

Best android apps to share location with friends There are particular circumstances or reasons to share our location in real time with our friends or family. In this article, we have reviewed some applications that are designed to help users keep an eye on each others’ location. Let’s see the best Android apps to share location with friends and family.


Glympse is one of the best options when it comes to sharing your location. It lets you share your current location but only for a limited time. The maximum time you can be sharing a location is 4 hours and when that time has passed, your location is no longer automatically visible. It requires no registration, use contacts from your address book to find friends.


Life360 is one of the most complete applications. It could be considered practically a private social network for mobile phones and for families or small groups anyway. The main objective of this application is kept informed your family, or anyone you want, as you reached your destination. The application has a panic button to send an alert to the families in your current location.


Waze, the application of social traffic and navigation, is certainly one of the most popular applications by people driving with the car. With Waze, you can share your location at all times so that your friends can see if you are still far away or if you are coming. In addition, you can also view the location of other vehicles that are also using Waze. It is certainly one of the most simple and fun to use applications.

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One of the best ways to share your location with family and friends is to use social networking applications that have already been installed in your devices. Google+ and Facebook allow you to send your location in real time. In Google+ this option is called Locations. There you can share your exact location with the specific contacts you want to share. You can also view the location of your contacts if they share. Go to Menu> Location Settings, enable the option of location sharing and set other options as you like, and let your friends know where you’re enjoying a cup of coffee.


On Facebook, this feature is called Friends close. You only access the menu, invite the friends with whom you want to share your exact location and then you can decide to share your exact location. You can choose if you want to share it until a certain time or until the option is turned off.
That’s all for now. With these Android location sharing apps, you can easily share your current location with your friends and family. Do you know any other apps? Share them with us.