The best Android apps for kids free in 2015


Under the wise and constant supervision of a parent, Android can turn into a colorful world and educational tool for children. Here is our selection of the best Android applications for kids.

Top Free Andorid Apps kids Of course, it is wrong to leave children all day with the device in hand, but a few hours in the company of some handy apps can transformed the phone into a learning tool. Therefore, we present the best 10 applications for children that, besides being fun, are also educational. Let’s see some free apps suitable for children aged 3 years and older that you can find for Android OS.

Here are the best Android apps for the little ones.


It is a book app for Android, which offers a large collection of storybooks with pictures and voice. Parents can control the application and decide what books should be in the library.

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Steamy Window

Steamy Window is one of the classic free fun apps available for Android that brings rainy weather on your phone, lots of fun! Steamy Window can save the windows of the house from the “fingerprints” of your children. This application provides a virtual fog screen of your tablet, making it tarnished as a window where children love to draw.

AniWorld kids animals fun game

This is a great game for younger children. It helps them to learn more about the animals in an interactive playful way. It is designed to encourage children to actively explore the animal kingdom and learn more about each of the animals. The application allows children to feed and pet the animals virtually.

123s ABCs Kids Handwriting

It helps your little kids to practice handwriting. It allows trace letters or numbers and then play with them. You have to shake the phone to erase and start again.

Piano for kids

Piano for kids is a program for kids designed to introduce them to the world of music, offering many fun songs with texts. This application has very nice, colorful and fun graphics. This app provides a nice way to introduce the little ones into the world of music and snatch them from the clutches of some mediocre pop singer in vogue at the time.

Coloring Book

It contains more than 500 images, including animals, people, nature, aircraft and others to keep the little ones entertained for hours.

Kids Numbers and Math

It allows children to enter the world of mathematics and numbers and learn in a fun way through a friendly voice. The game features images and sounds to encourage the child to move forward at different levels.

PicsArt for Kids

It is a drawing application that demonstrates the creativity of children. With this app, children will learn to draw and color supporting up to 10 fingers simultaneously.

Zoo Animal Sounds & Photos

It will help them to recognize and learn more about zoo animals through pictures and the sounds they make.
Which one of these applications is a favorite of your children? Are there any other apps for children that you think would fit in our ranking? Share them with us in a comment!