The best apps of relaxation and meditation for Android


Here is a selection of the six best meditation and relaxation apps for Android that will help you survive the day, and that will leave much more calm and quiet.

best meditation app android 2015Your smartphone can be an instrument of calm, relaxation and awareness. There are times in the day when a moment is needed to clarify ideas, relax a bit and be able to continue the work. Thankfully, you can find some useful Android applications at Play Store that allow you to rid of stress. Here is a list of the best Android applications for meditation and relaxation.

The best meditation app android in 2015


Headspace is an application that aims to help not only to relax and lead a more peaceful and healthy life, but tries to help in many aspects of life through meditation ON. Thus, you are able to learn the basics of meditation to be better at things like your personal relationships. And the best part is that using it is simple and free, so you have no excuse not to try. Download Headspace Here.

Free Meditation – Take a Break

It is a great choice for those who want to get some quiet time at work. The application has two modes: the Work Break relaxation that lasts 7 minutes and Stress Relief Meditation lasting 13 min. Download Meditation Take a Break.

Calm – Meditate, Sleep, Relax

This application provides a number of guided meditation sessions of 2-30 minutes. The idea is to use the application once daily at the same time. This is very easy to learn and follow. Download Calm Meditate App Here.

Dharma Meditation Trainer

Dharma Meditation Trainer is a personal trainer who will take you to an ideal state of meditation. You have ten levels of meditation but simply advised to start with five minutes a day. Download Dharma Meditation Trainer Here.

Paced Breathing

Sometimes we do not need a guide to follow, a meditation timer or anything like that. Sometimes you just need to breathe, if that is the case, the breathing exercises offered by this application can help you relax. Download Paced Breathing Here.

Relax Melodies

This application allows you to relax with the support of something as basic as music. It gives you a soundtrack for your times of relaxation, yoga, and even when you go to sleep. You can create a completely personalized relaxation and sleep assistance according to your tastes. Download Relax Melodies Here.
Try one of these apps and find a way to harmonize your body and mind and avoid stress. Do you know any other meditation apps for Android? Please share them with other users through the comments. Your recommendations will help other users as well as us to make this list complete. Thank you in advance for your great contribution.