5 Facebook photo apps to make cool pictures & Share on Facebook


Use the following 5 Facebook photo apps to create cool photos and share with friends on Facebook.

facebook photo apps to make cool photos

Hello dear visitors, we all know about Facebook, aren’t we? In this era, it is so hard to find anyone who hasn’t got a Facebook account for himself. Today I will discuss about some unique tools to edit and share your photos on Facebook with your friends and loved ones.


The first tool you are about to know is Aviary photo editing tool. It is the most effective tool for Facebook you have ever seen. You can use this photo editor tool to make your photos look professional in a minute. You can choose your photos from anywhere either from Facebook album or from desktop to edit. This tool is very convenient and easy to use. It delivers an assortment of beautiful photo effects. Go to Facebook app Aviaryeditor


The second effective Facebook photo app or tool is PicMonkey. It is a simple to use online photo editor. You can create whatever you desire. Its fast engine has been designed to do the basic edits, like crop and rotate, and enhance your images with various effects. It is so easy to use and powerful. Go to Facebook app Picmonkey.


Here comes the third one called Loupe. It can acquire hundreds of your photos in a matter of seconds. This tool automatically edited beautiful photo that your heart desires. You can turn your photos into anything you desire. You can share your photos with your friends and family on Facebook. You can download it or you can put it on your website or blog anytime you want. Go to Facebook app Getloupe.


Now let me discuss on the fourth tool called Pixable. It’s not only edit, but also curates photos from your friends on Facebook, and from other social networks as well. Pixable also notifies when you are tagged in photos on Facebook. Download Pixable here.


Pixiz is the last Facebook app to discuss about. This photo app provides a great image processing effects of your photos. Put on your photos in fancy frames, add some photo effects or filters. The app is pretty cool to hang around with. Download Pixiz here.

You can find many more photo apps and tools on the net. But I can assure you that these five apps are the bests among other apps available out there.