5 Beautiful Android Live Wallpapers for FREE


Here is a list of Best 5 Free Android Live Wallpapers that looks beautiful.

We all love to keep our smart device cool and attractive. We are fond of wallpapers as well but live wallpaper is something that makes your android device feel alive. Every one of us wants to decorate our smart devices with calm, beautiful and soothing wallpapers. Now days, it is easier to get this thing done as Live Wallpapers are available here and there. But a good quality Live Wallpaper is still rare to find. For this we are trying to recommend you some of the better Live Wallpapers out there for your device.

Koi Free Live Wallpaper

Download Koi Free Live Wallpaper
This wallpaper has been developed by Kittehface Software. It is developed with the concept of an aquarium. After holding the device one would see some beautiful and colorful fishes are swimming around some beautiful aquatic scenarios. This wall paper has interactive water with multi touch capability. A user can feed the fishes by just double tapping on the wallpaper. It works in both smart phone and tablet.

Photosphere Free Wallpaper

Photosphere Free live Wallpaper
Download Photosphere Free Wallpaper
This wall paper is a unique example of aesthetic beauty. Some beautiful abstract scenic photospheres are incorporated in this wall paper. User can change the images whenever he/she wants. This wallpaper has control over the home screen of the device and while tilting the device. The user can easily set this wallpaper in his/ her device by using long press on the home screen.

Thunderstorm Free Wallpaper

Thunderstorm Free Wallpaper
Download Thunderstorm Free Wallpaper (Free)
Though thunderstorm is bit of a frightening thing to us, but still we love to enjoy the beauty of it’s’ rudeness. Kittehface Software has developed a Live Wallpaper with the theme of Strom. They have included some beautiful thunderstorm images. The wallpaper has storm cloud, lighting and rain images as well. The images could easily attract any user’s mind. The full version includes touch sensitivity, rain hits on the screen and time of the day features.

Earth Live Wallpaper

Download Earth Live Wallpaper (Free)
Many of us like space and astronomy. We have a natural curiosity about the space and planets. Earth Live Wallpaper will surely feed that hunger of those curious minds. This wallpaper will randomly show the planets of this galaxy with a mind blowing graphic and illustration. Another good thing is, the user doesn’t have to install this wallpaper like other applications. He/ she can easily use this as a simple wallpaper.

3D Waterfall Live Wallpaper

3D Waterfall Live Wallpaper for Android
Download 3D Waterfall Live Wallpaper (Free)
Waterfall is another appealing thing to us. We all love waterfalls. 3D Live Wall Paper will provide some beautiful images of waterfalls with a realistic view. A user will feel like he/she is enjoying a real life waterfall through the device. This thing will surely comfort the eyes of a user.

All these Live Wallpapers for android are downloadable from Google Playstore at free of cost. Make your android device more beautiful.